This concept was brought by Zenbu to their lovely customer. They add the total calories of every dishes on their menu so we could choose the dishes wisely.

Zenbu itself has been well-known for so long as a great japanese restaurant specializes in mozaru. Beside that, they got many delightful modern japanes dishes range from sushi to teppanyaki.

I've been here for several times, and this was my last one with my college mates. The interior was nice and comfortable with a great modern touch. We picked the seats where we could see the city view through the window.

OK, let's get straight to what's on the table!

We ordered Mozaru. What's mozaru? it's a yummy blend of curry/ butter rice buried with mozarella cheese with tomato/ butter/ dynamite sauce with many assorted toppings. I might say it was more like a 'rice lasagna' or another kind of baked rice. I gotta admit that it was so damn delightful, but you'd better don't get it too much. I bet it melts in the mouth.

These three were what we ordered.
Mushroom Mozaru ( IDR 35 K)
Chicken Mozaru ( IDR 35 K)

Gindara Mozaru ( IDR 45 K)
Mushroom Mozaru

Chicken Mozaru
Gindara Mozaru

Salmon Belly Sushi ( IDR 18 K)
It was my friends' meal and I didn't try this one, but I bet it tasted great. They ate it just in a few secs. Mmmm.

Salmon Belly Sushi

Beef Curry Rice ( IDR 40 K)
It looked just an ordinary one, but it tasted fine! The curry sauce was good and the beef was tender. It came in big size and great taste.

Beef Curry Rice

Zenbu Seafood Teppanyaki ( IDR 55 K)
It's a grilled shrimp, gindara, and squid on a plate served together with gomatare sauce added with gohan miso soup and a bowl of rice. Again, the meal came in a big size and would fill your belly to the fullest.  I fell for the sauce. It's the hero of the meal, I guess.

Seafood Tepanyaki

Kintan and Her Meal

Zenbu Ramen ( IDR 40 K)

A noodle soup with miso/ shoyu/ dynamite soup served with sliced chicken meat, beef and fried ebi tempura. I'd go for the miso one. For me, the soup was absolutely tempting and savory. The noodle was also great, it's home-made. And, I might say the tempura was just so-so.

Zenbu Ramen

Matcha Ice Cream ( IDR 12 K)
I was really into this ice cream. It tasted great, not too much, and such a great sweet ending. They also got many other ice cream like ogura, mango, etc.

Matcha Ice Cream

I also found the waiters here was really warm and full of smile. Overall, It's such a good place to hang around with mates, with a good foods, and good price. Once again, EAT SMART!

*you can also see my review on ID OPEN RICE and YUKMAKAN.COM (super thankfully both of them got the editor's pick :D)


Zenbu - House of Mozaru

Plaza Indonesia 
5th floor