It's the promise that Bong Kopitown got. Located in Kelapa Gading, this resto just stands out from the surrounding. Its looks from the outside will make you eager to have a visit. You'll find all the waiters here wearing a stripe-prison costume. In addition, every details like plate, wall, and anything here are designed to make you feel the prison experience.

Now, let's get straight to the meals! The menu here's designed like a newspaper. They name it Old Town Post. The menu itself is divided into three categories: Main Menu, BK Set, & Menu Buronan. Curious? Just take a look at what's on my table!

There's an exceptional menu here called Menu Buronan. It's not just an ordinary, but there's a story behind it. Once, there are three prisoners called Lee, Ming, and Ken. They have succeeded to run away from the prison, but they decided to go back for a reason. Why? Oh, because they get addicted to these three menu: Ote-ote, Choi Pan, and Ham Pan.

Ote - Ote (IDR 14K)
It looked like a fried dumpling. The filling was like veggies with shrimp. It tasted savory and quite good. For me, it's a perfect light meal.

Choi Pan (IDR 14K)
Frankly, it's just the same like the one I used to get. I really enjoyed this one with their special sauce. Simply appetizing!

Ham Pan (IDR 14K)
I wasn't that sure what it's all about. It's like a porridge topped with toppings. To be honest, it's just not my kind of preference. 

From the Dim Sum menu, they got Siomay (IDR 10K), Shrimp Roll (IDR 10K), Chicken Pao (IDR 10K), and Ekkado (IDR 10K). My favorite were Shrimp Roll and Ekkado.

Nasi Penjara (IDR 23K)
As its name, it was their best seller. It's the same menu like the prisoner usually got in the prison. For me, it's so delicate!

Singkawang Rojak (IDR 18K)
It's spicy, yet yummy. I'm not a rojak lovers, but this one was just worth trying.

Yammien with Crab (IDR 23K)
It's my first time to get yammien with this kind of topping. Nice try!

Bong Fried Rice (IDR 27K)
It was really really good. It might be so simple, but it's one of the most delicious menu there.

Claypot Rice Beef (IDR 29K)
Another good meal that's served at that night. It came in a good taste, good presentation, and perfect size.

Nasi Lemak (IDR 32K)
If you're looking for an all-in-one meal, this one should be on your list. It's really worth having. Trust me!

Char Kway Teow Beef (IDR 27K)
In my preference, this one was much better from the soup one. Must Try!

Grandma Porridge with Chicken and Shrimp (IDR 18K)
Again, great taste came from the simplest one. I just fell for this one.

Singapore Laksa Noodle (IDR 28K)
It's thick, it's nice, and it's delicious! 

Voila, it's time for the sweet ending!

Ice Cream Sandwich with Mung Bean (IDR 10K)
It's bread with ice cream. It's a really good sweet ending.

Classic Hongkong Toast Mic (IDR 14k)
It might be the simplest one, but I think it's a really nice choice if you wanna get something with various taste.

Shaved Yoghurt (IDR 15K)
Among the three sweet endings, I fell for this one. It's sweet, fresh, and so yummy! 

For the drink, they got plenty choices. Here's some of them. Unripe Mango Ice Shaved (IDR 15K), Yin Yang Tea (IDR 15K), Choco Peanut (IDR 22K), Lychee Iced Tea (IDR 17K), Milo Dinosaur (IDR 20K), and Teh Tarik (IDR 15K). For me, the two stunning were the Unripe Mango and Teh Tarik. 

Overall, it's such a really good experience to dine here. Anyway, thanks to Openrice and Bong Kopitown for having me here! For me, the most remarkable menu were Nasi Penjara, Bong Fried Rice, and Shaved Yoghurt. For the service, they got it pretty well. I won't doubt it for the price. It's very very affordable even for a student like me. Am I the happiest prisoner on earth? I guess, they're right. 


Fajar Ahmad said...

Been there! Hehehe. Gue paling suka Singapore Laksa Noodle...

Fellexandro Ruby said...

Dang, thats a lot of food.

James Hezekiah said...

@Fajar wah, that's a good one too, Fajar!

@Ruby yess, it was that much. i attended a gathering at that time hehe.

T B said...

what a nice concept! utterly a must-visit one, anw super seneng super supper update lagi dengan layout baru :D

James Hezekiah said...

wahaha, super thanks tini! seneng banget dikomen sama ms. yellow lamp :*

irene said...

Yum to that Milo Dinosaur!
The mixed flavour toast is a great idea, I reckon. Nice review, James! :)