Hello, I'm James Hezekiah. My friends call me Ja-Mes, Jems, Jem, Mes-Mes, Jammie, etc.  I think it's weird to have an english name that can be misspelled in my country. It might be too fake to be true, for some people.

I'm a 19 years old food enthusiast who got interests for food, art, and photography. Currently, I'm studying advertising-communication in University of Indonesia. Can you imagine a total introvert learn communication?Sounds bizarre, isn't it? Frankly, I was really intending to go to culinary or hospitality school so bad, but the truth tells another way. I know it's a different way and (I hope) a better one. Grateful enough? yes, of course :D

I got two sexy goals in my life. The first one is to visit 1001 dining places. I know, it's still a super long loooong way to go, but I'm still on the track, though. All of those delightful dining places would be written here, in my dining journal, SUPER SUPPER.

The second one is to run my own patisserie. So, to make me still on the track, I think it's not too late to start practice baking and cooking. You'll also find all of my self-made foods here (currently, I'm still picking a recipe from famous chef or another site with a little improvement), in my #ANYONECANCOOK posts. I'm frankly inspired by Chef Gusteau motto in Rattatouile the movie. I think there's no necessary for someone to get a culinary degree or something to be able to cook (But I really wish I had, lol). Yes, it's just simply because ANYONE CAN COOK, only if they have tried once.

It would be my pleasure to share the happiness while I'm on my way achieving my goals. My hope, SUPER SUPPER could be your belly's best mate, yeay! :D


James Hezekiah


Irene said...

Hey! I just got to the site through Irene from Irene's Getting Fat's list of Indonesian bloggers. And I must say, man... I must discover more indo food blogs whose writers are also around my age. Love your photography in the reviews, your passion for food and your dream of opening up your own patisserie! All the best with your sexy goals. :)