To guarantee delivering a smile on the face of every ice cream lover.

This is one of the promise that Gelare offers to their customers. I've already heard a buzz about gelare, but not that eager to try. This time, the appetite for some desserts just brought me here to smile of every ice cream.

Gelare itself means 'to freeze'. Gelare contains no artificial ingredients, everything here is natural. That one thing that makes Gelare differs from the others. Gelare combines the great quality of italian and american ice cream with an australian twist. That's what they called as an ULTIMATE ICE CREAM.

Gelare's ice cream has 30 flavors range from fruits, chocolate, to green tea. Their best-seller was still the cookies and cream flavor. Besides their famous ice cream, Gelare got another lip-smacking dishes like belgian waffles, pancakes, smoothies. and many more.

OK, let's get straight to what's on the table.

Gelare's Belgian Waffle + 1 scoop ice cream ( IDR 35 K + 25 K)
A freshly baked waffle added with a scoop of ice cream.

The waffle came in two sizes, regular or large. I picked the regular one with a scoop a strawberry cheesecake ice cream. At first, it looked just so-so, but I gotta admit that the waffle was really really really great. It's crunchy at the outside and soft inside. And, the thick and dense ice cream was just a great companion. There's no wonder why they called this one as a world-class waffle.
Gelare's Belgian Waffle

Gelare's Banana Pancake ( IDR 45 K)

Double stack pancakes with banana slices, whipped cream, and maple syrup.
The pancake tasted so nice. For the topping, I might say it was just so-so. Personally, I prefer the waffle to the pancakes.

Gelare's Banana Pancake
Unfortunately, I found the services here was not that warm and hospitable. For me the price here was a bit high looking to the size of the meals. Luckily, they got 20 % discount every tuesday so it would be more cheaper. I would go here on another Tuesday to try their big size waffles :) Overall, it's a good alternative for ice cream seekers to get a great pleasure :)


Plaza Indonesia
LG Floor


Fajar Ahmad said...

mouthwatering blog post.. hehehe

James Hezekiah said...

yep, you'd better try this one..

thanks for visiting, Fajar :)

T B said...

Jameeeeeees, I was there and tried the same Gelare's Belgian Waffle last week, it was so yummy that I didn't feel any regret ordering 2 portions hihi

James Hezekiah said...

asik deh seleranya sama nih sama artis sinetra :)

Andudei said...

Ga ada gelare di kotaku.. :( kalau aku dateng ke sana Banana Pancake bakal jadi favorit deh pasti.. :)

James Hezekiah said...

wah, iya boleh banget dicoba banana pancakenya, enak!

salam kenal andudei,
thanks for visiting :D