It's one of  Manhattan Fish Market's motto, let's prove whether they right or wrong!

The founder were inspired by The Fulton Fish Market down on Fulton Street underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  Here, the fishy action starts even before the break of dawn. You'll catch sights of rugged men in overalls swig their hooks until mid morning. A sea of men and women haggling price on fresh seafood over market stalls. It's the place where owners of fine seafood restaurants and local seafood stores will swim in shoals to get their supply. Over the years, Fulton Fish Market has been relocated. But, the reputation remains as the biggest wholesale fish market in the world.

Inspired by the seafood restaurant around Fulton Street in Manhattan, They got plenty lip-smacking seafood dishes that worth eating!

I've been here two times. The first one, I went here with my mom and the second one I went here with my high school fellas, just did a meet-up with them and enjoyed the dazzling foods.

I tried their all-time favorite dish, it was Manhattan Fish and Chips. There were three kind of fishes, Manhattan Dory, Manhattan Cod, and Manhattan Sword Fish. I tried all of them, i was especially curious with the sword fish. I knew it was the one that I usually I saw on popeye the movie.

Manhattan Fish and Chips - Cod Fish 
Manhattan Fish and Chips - Sword Fish
Manhattan Fish and Chips - Dory Fish

Th Fish and Chips was served with french fries and cheesy sauce on the top of it. They all looked really nice. It tasted wonderful. I thought that the sword fish was taste more like tuna. So if you're a tuna lovers, you'd bettere tyr this one. The best one, for me, is the Dory Fish. It's really soft. As it was also the cheapest one among the others.

After that, there was Flaming Platter for One. 
Flaming Platter For One

There's steamed garlic rice, deep-fried dory fish fillet with mayo on the top, french fries, and three fresh flamed shrimp. The shrimp was flamed live, just before it served to the table. Two thumbs up for the flaming prawns. Everything here were such a perfect match. It's recommended for you who's starving a lot.

The last one, there was Manhattan Platter For Two. I ate this with my mom. She loved it so much.

Manhattan Seafood Platter For Two

I took this pict from their facebook fan page, because I got the the pict on my phone and I lost my card reader. This one's one of their all-time best seller. This one's not far different from the platter for one, there's additional fried calamari and oyster. The size's also much bigger. For me, the calamari's so so juicy! I like it!

For the drinks we got the Bottomless Blackcurrant Tea, Bottomless Lemon Tea, Hot Earl Grey Tea, and Blended Mint Tea Leaves. All those tasted nice, I prefer the bottomless one, it was refillable!

I think I could compare this to Fish & Co. For the Fish and Chips, I'll go for Fish & Co. But, For the Seafood Platter, I'll go for Manhattan Seafood Market.

Overall, dining here was such a great pleasure. I found nice foods, nice services. It's a comfortable for you to meet up with someone, unless there's no freaking children shouting and ruine your mood. The prices here were quite reasonable, you pay what you eat!

Jonathan and Yovani

Adel and Stefano


Manhattan Fish Market
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

*All the picts were taken by @adeliasryn 


carissa andhini said...

been craving for seafood for days :( now i'm drooling thanks to you James!! sigh......

carissa andhini said...

forgot to mention my twitter account lol @calissacassa menangin ya james, mayan makan gratis :P

James Hezekiah said...

thank you so much cassa! sorry for making you drool :p

helena yovani said...

love this place! perfect portion and great taste :')
nothing is better than hanging out with your buddies and have great seafood dinner.


James Hezekiah said...

yes, buddies + dinner would be a great pleasure:D