So many people love spicy taste, while the others don't. For them, spicy taste from chili might complete their dining. Something feels like missing when there's no chili sauce. It's a perfect companion for fried dishes or any kind of savory food. Ya, that's everybody's choice to like it or not.

Mmm, how about a spicy sweet-ending?
Have you ever imagined it?

Yes, this is it! The latest unique addition from Cold Stone Creamery, Spicy Dark Chocolate. Sounds bizzarre, right? But, this is really happening. Sweetened and spiced to perfection, this spicy dark chocolate will give you a literally HOT sensation. At the first bite, you won't get the hot sensation, it gives a hot after-taste, for sure. Forget about the usual one like sweet, sour, or creamy, this spicy taste and sweet taste blend into a great delight. It's just like no other. Wondering how spicy it is? I guess you should have a try!

Besides that spicy sweet-ending, Cold Stone Creamery also got a new variant for the Ice Cream Cakes Signature Creation. With 11 variants, this cake comes up with a new size. It's a midi size! 20cm x 5cm, smaller than the usual regular ice cream cake. Crafted with a great distinction and quality, this cake is just a perfect choice for a birthday or any event. You should pick Mmmmmmint Chip or Strawberry Passion for a greater ice cream experience. Each of them only cost about IDR 275000.

Curious enough? Now, you can spoil your belly and get this ultimate ice cream experience at every of Cold Stone Creamery in Indonesia. Just let me know what you think :)


Cend Woo said...

gonna try this a.s.a.p
idk... not sure this burst of flavors between spicy and chocolate will work tho.. but i think it worth a try.