Some people don't believe that paradise does really exist. But I just proof my self that there's a little paradise on my dining table :)

Actually, I often go to Paradise Dynasty at Plaza Senayan with my Family. Recently, (not so recent hehe) there's some buzz of another "Paradise" resto such as Taste Paradise and Paradise Inn. I'm so eager to try both of them, since there must be delicious pork dishes. As long as I know, Taste Paradise got a quite sky-high price, so I decided to visit this one, Paradise Inn.

Located in the basement floor of Plaza Indonesia, Paradise Inn was a bit hard to find, huh hah. It's actually across from Awfully Chocolate booth. The place here was quite small with an oriental chinese decoration. The ambience was nice and not too much. Unlucky me, it was so crowded at that time.

I took seats for two, me and my mother. Then, browsed many delightful dishes! I was looking through plenty choices range from tea house, signature dishes, to traditional chinese dessert. And here's what's on my table, enjoy!

Braised Red Beans (IDR 15k)
I thought that it would be just so-so. To be frank, it's addictive.

Double Boiled Black Chicken with Spare Ribs and White Pepper (IDR 38k)
It's actually my first time to try this kind of soup. As it's one of their signature dish, I was just into it. I loved the broth and the tenderness of the ribs. It's more than delightful! Besides this one, they also got any other double boiled soup like pork belly and sea whelk soup.

Imperial Pork Ribs (IDR 48k)
Undoubtedly, it looked so much appetizing. In fact, it's crispy in a proper way. It tasted salty yet sweet. I just wanted it more, more, and more. I might say that this one was sort of BonChon style pork meal :P 

Hotplate Tofu with Preserved Cai Xin and Minced Pork (IDR 38k)

As a tofu lover, I just fell for this home-made tofu, even it didn't look that good. It's really soft and yummy. For me, the topping could've been better than this.

Braised Vermicelli with Pork Trotters (IDR 88k)
Like no the previous pork dishes, this vermicelli come up with pork trotters, yeay. For me the vermicelli tasted a bit too sweet. It's not my kind of preference. Thank God for the pork trotters, the hero of the meal. It's tender and super delicious :)

Stewed Dong Po Pork (IDR 78k)
Firs thing popped out in my mind was the color of it. How could this be that black hehe, just too curious. The thick and layered meat just raised up my appetite. For the taste, it's really great. Personally, the one at Paradise Dynasty was much better than this.

Very Berry Iced Tea (IDR 23k)
Lychee Mojito Iced Tea (IDR 23k)
Both of them used earl grey tea based. I prefer the berry one to the lychee.

I was so much delighted at that time. So sad that there's no more space for such a sweet ending. Overall, the food here was really nice with a good good price, yeay! The service here was also warm and hospitable. Next visit?of course! There's a lot more delights to try!



Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia
Basement Floor


yovani gunawan said...

yes, i would try this (:

James Hezekiah said...

you must try it, yoyo! :D