This time, I'd like to share the pleasure from one the recently established place in Kemang, Ginger Li Asian Bistro and Wine. It's not supposed to be an ordinary one. Asian and wine? Sounds bizarre? Actually, Ginger Li comes up with a combination of scrumptious asian cuisine and fine wine. 

Anyway, who's Ginger Li? It refers to the name of a chinese-asian woman who loves traveling around Asia. She loves trying various delights and also mix and combine many ingredients to make such luscious delights.

Located in the Kemang Building, Ginger Li got a luxurious looks from the outside. The fuschia color itself stands for feminism and romanticism. As I got into the place, it was obviously really nice. There's a big picture of the trademark of this place, ya, the woman called Ginger Li. Divided into three part, dining room, vip room, and lounge, this place wasn't that big, but still spacious. I fell for the place so much, it's just comfortable and cozy.

For the food, they got many selections from appetizer, side dishes, rice, noodles, and many more asian delights. For the drink choices they got plenty, yes plenty kind of drinks. I didn't really take an attention about the drink, since I wasn't kinda drinker hehe. And here's a lot of pleasure on my table at that night. ENJOY!

Ginger Li's Salad (IDR 88k)
Smoked salmon, veggies, and asian mix served with Ginger Li's dressing.
The salmon on the top just looked so much appetizing. The dressing was good, and also the salmon and veggies were all freshly served. Personally, I expected for something more creamy. More dressing would make it better, I guess. Not to mention that the price was quite high for meal like this. It was just non sense for me.

Vinh Asparagus Soup (IDR 45k)
The first thing popped up in my mind was the color of the soup. I was just wondering how could it was green. No problemo, it was just a matter of color hehe. Surprisingly, it was more more than great. The crab aroma here was so strong. I just couldn't get enough of this. It's a really must-try!

Hainan Lamb Shank (IDR 110k)
Braised New Zealand lamb shank served with nut, onion, paprika and szechuan sauce.
Came with a really good presentation, this lamb shank just hooked my heart. Previously, I wasn't that into lamb dishes, but this one just made me think twice. I just simply loved this. The meat was so tender, not smelly, and easy to eat. For the taste, it was heavenly delicious. I gotta raise my thumbs up for this!

Ginger Li Kway Teow (IDR 90k)
Wagyu beef served with fat rice noodles, bean sprout, and chives in a dark soy sauce.
To be honest, this Kway Teow was really good. It tasted sweet yet savory in a proper way. The wagyu here was also tender and luscious. I bet it wouldn't be your common kway teow. The consideration here was the portion and the price. I guess I could get 4 plates of Kway Teow Akang with this kind of price. Worth trying? Of course, yes.

Broccoli with Assorted Mushroom (IDR 55k)
As seen on the pict above, there's several kind of mushroom here. The broccoli was fresh and the mushroom was such a good companion. This one was fine, but I gotta admit that it wasn't as delicate as the others.

Ginger Li's Chicken Rice (IDR 80k)
Steamed chicken served with ginger rice, pak choy, and a clear chicken broth.
I liked the rice here, it was savory in a proper way. The chicken and three choice of sauce were all a complete package. For me, the chicken broth was quite tasteless, it might be to neutralize the taste from the other part.

Ginger Elixir Tea
Special tea with beetroot, lemon juice, and syrup.
This ginger tea was one of their speciality. It tasted sour and not too sweet. I personally liked this one, but I the taste didn't suit to everybody's tongue.

Blueberry Creamy Cocktail (IDR 85k)
Absolut raspberry with frangelico, chambard cream and blueberry fruit.
I personally didn't taste this one. It's gone by accident when we took the pict hehe. It must be something delightful :)

Red Queen (IDR 135k)
Grandy with strawberry syrup and red wine.
The red wine here was really strong. The fruits here were such a proper match. I gotta raised my thumbs for this.

Be Passion (IDR 40k)
Fresh passion fruit with passion syrup, fresh lime, and soda.
The non-alcoholic drink here come up with a fresh sensation. It might not be that wow, but I just liked it.

Green Lantern (IDR 35k)
Green grass jelly served with shaved ice, longan and dash of lime.
I was shocked to know that this was the dessert. It might look just so-so. Personally, I loved green grass jelly. I usually got it at my campus with only 3k haha. This one was truly a different one, I loved the freshness of the longan and the ice. The good thing, it's sweet in a good way. Sweet ending?Yes!

Ya, there's plenty delights on the table. Overall, the food here was truly awesome. I love the asian fusion taste. Another good thing also came from the service. I found the waiters here were all hospitable. For the price, it's kinda super pricey yah for a student like me, (thanks to OpenRice and Ginger Li for getting me here hehe) but it's worth spending!! If you're looking for asian and wine, Ginger Li might be the best choice! ENJOY :)


FOOD - 9

Ginger Li Asian Bistro and Wine
Jalan Kemang Raya 37
Jakarta Selatan


Aris Munandar said...

resembles Mama San don't you think? Including the sky high price

James Hezekiah said...

I haven't tried Mama San yet, but the food here was really good :)