Don't take a life too seriously, 'cause it's time for a toast to happiness.

As mentioned above, Roppan tries to get their customers to get rid of stress, boredom, and dullness. The owner once stated that they sold a happiness, fancy food and beverage were just an additional. Their hope, Roppan could be a place for anybody to relax and have fun. Previously, I thought that Roppan was kind of franchised business. In fact, the person behind it is the same as the one who owns Bread Talk and J.CO, Johnny Andrean.

Roppan itself is originated from the word 'roppongi' and 'pan'. The name is inspired by a hip place in Japan, Roppongi Hills. Roppan is the pioneer that brings japanese-style toast to this country, Indonesia. Roppan has no only sweet dishes, but also savory or even heavy dishes. Roppan got three categories called Roppan Pizza Toast, Roppan Toast, Roppan Dessert, and Roppan Kitchen.

This time, on my second visit to Roppan, I visited the one that located in Plaza Semanggi. Dominated by wood interior, this place looked good and comfortable. As I stepped in to the outlet, their waitress warmly welcome me to their display bar which looked like the one at J.CO and get me to order the food.

After waiting for plenty of minutes, my 'happiness' came to the table. Here they are.

Matcha Matcha Honey Toast
Matcha Matcha Honey Toast (35k)
A honey toast filled with cube-cut toast, three scoops of matcha ice cream, red bean, almond sprinkle, chocolate bar and syrup.
It totally looked so mouth-watering and came in a rather huge size. It's suitable for two people, I guess (Though, I ate it by myself :P). I really like the taste of the honey toast, it's heavenly sweet and with a little crunch. For the ice cream, there's no doubt that every green tea lovers would raise their thumbs, it's superb. Everything here was totally a perfect blend, the chocolate sauce and red bean just completed the happiness. It's highly recommended.

Rocha Earl Grey Milk Tea - sugar level 100%
Rocha Earl Grey Milk Tea (18k)
Iced earl grey tea topped with a thick mik, and green tea powder.
Doesn't it look so luscious? mmm the milk here was really thick, but not an condensed milk. I gotta admit that this one was super heavenly tempting. It tasted sweet and really fresh. Personally, I'd go for this one rather than Cha Time roasted milk tea. But, I'm still falling for both of them :P

Undoubtedly, dining here was such a pleasure. It's a nice place for sweet stuffs or even savory. I found the price here was very reasonable and worth spending. For the service, I might say it's quite good and warm. For sure, I'm gonna be back for their honey toast and more happiness.


FOOD - 9

Plaza Semanggi
Ground Floor


Fajar Ahmad said...

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elvina febriani said...

aa i love roppan especially their matcha toast.. when it first opened at supermal karawaci, i was crazy bout it and since it's near my campus, my friends and I used to hang in here a lot!

James Hezekiah said...

yes, it's so delightful elvina.
i think i saw you at bonchon's burger launch, if i wasn't mistaken hehe

Hana Andita Devarianti said...

I'm a big fan of Roppan! Suka banget honey match toast nya! :D

James Hezekiah said...

me too hanna hehe,
seleranya sama nih sama balerina :P