Hello, today I'd like to share the happiness on one of my mate's birthday, Andre Hernando. He's everything related to money and business (You can check out one of his current business, HOSE CHINOS) It's actually right two days before mine, June 26. It's almost been two months late, right.

After getting him surprised, we're all happily treated at Miya8i House, Kemang Food Fest.

Just to let you know, Miya8i house is owned by Indonesian Actor, Thomas Nawilis which is famous for his act in Di Sini Ada Setan, and his friends. There must be some questions why they named it Miya8i. Actually, they just wanna get people to be curious with the name and make them try it. Beside that, Miyabi in japanese language means luxury, grand, and elegant. You can also find '8' in Miya8i, which stands for the owners' hope: endless prosperity.

As I got into Miya8i House, we're spoiled with a comfort looks which was dominated with wood, brick, and red color.  Here, they tried to give us a semi-open dining place.

OK, now let's get straight to the meal :)

Seulawah Roll
Seulawah Roll (29k)
It's one of Miya8i's all-time favorite. The name itself inspired by the Mount Seulawah in Aceh. So, no wonder that it looked like a volcano mountain. There's baked salmon inside added with crunchy bread crumb and teriyaki sauce beneath. I like fusion sushi and easily fell for mayo dishes, so this one was more than just appetizing. It's superb!

Ozawa Salmon Roll

Ozawa Salmon Roll (29k)
Frankly, it got a gorgeous looks. The avocado, salmon sashimi, salmon roe, mayo, and sauce was just a perfect blend. As I was not that into avocado, this one's not for me.

Ori Baked California Roll

Ori Baked California Roll (32k)
There's no doubt it looked so mouth-watering. It obviously was just a california roll topped with their special ori baked mayo. And, it happily turned out great. It felt like melt in the mouth. It's another must-try for fusion sushi lovers.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (34k)
It's a common dish we found in Japanese resto. Here, the chicken was not too crispy and I found the curry was not that strong. I gotta say this one was just so-so.

Unagi Don
Unagi Don (34k)
This one was supposed to be the cheapest unagi don I ever got. Usually, the price is 50k and above. And it turned out quite good. Unfortunately, I found some of the unagi wasn't fresh, but it's still good enough, I guess.

Overall, Miya8i was such a nice place to visit. I found most of the sushi here was fusion and modern-style. So, it's a perfect choice for those who loves fusion sushi. For the price, it would be suitable for most people, even a student like me. Yes, it's totally a worth spending. And, that's all my single night with Miya8i.

Andre's turning nineteen
a(just realized there's 7 eleven on the background -__-)


FOOD - 8

Miya8i House
Jalan Kemang Raya No.19
Kemang Food Fest
Jakarta Selatan

Photos Credit : Helena Yovani


Tikka said...

ternyata kamu temennya Yovani ya :p

James Hezekiah said...

halo tikka,

wah kenal sama yovani juga?
yovani temen sma hehe masih suka main bareng juga :D

Tikka said...

Yovani itu adenya temenku hehehe

Cend Woo said...

ah baru bberapa mggu kmren ksini.. nice photoss . serius bkin ngiler hahaha

James Hezekiah said...

wah yang di kemang juga? lumayan enak yah, ramah di kantong juga hehe :D