It's a promise that 'Tuan Rumah' gives to all of their guesses.. Tuan Rumah itself is the name of this place. Sounds weird, isn't it? It's a chinese restaurant with a modern style and a homy sense where all of the guest would (hopefully) feel like home. 

I found this place on my first visit at Tebet Green. Me and my buddy were looking for place to discuss our project with a great companion (read: food). And, this place just hooked us. This place was simply nice and cute? (I think there's rarely a cute chinese restaurant) Yes, the place is too cute to be true for a chinese restaurant. 

And, here we go for the tempting dishes!
Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic Sauce
Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic Sauce (15k)
As it's necessary to be healthy, I picked this mouth-watering broccoli. Honestly, it was really good, although it's cooked with a simple sauce, garlic. I might say, this one was delicious.

Squid Tempura with Thai Sauce
Squid Tempura with Thai Sauce (35k)
It's so common for me to fall for a squid dishes. For sure, this one just did it. The squid was deep-fried well and the thai sauce tasted sweet and sour. Such a perfect match!

Steamed Fish with Garlic Sauce
Steamed Fish with Garlic Sauce (30k)
This was another delightful dishes they got. For me, the fish was really mild and there's no doubt that the sauce was so appetizing. Though it was so small but the taste just cover it up.

Fried Chicken in Margarin Sauce

Fried Chicken in Margarin Sauce (25k)
It might be just an ordinary dishes in chinese restaurant. Yes, it was just so-so. I found there's nothing too special here. It's not their lip-smacking dishes, I guess.

Mantau Noyu
Mantau Noyu (15k)
As we're still looking for something sweet, we ordered this one. These mantau was filled with a great 'yellow lava'. Actually, I wasn't that sure what the filling was, but it tasted yummy. It's just another sweet ending.

To sum it up, most of the food I tried was really really nice even the portion was (a bit too) small. For the price, there's no doubt that this one would be suitable for everybody's pocket. And, I found the waiters here was really kind and friendly. I gotta say it's a big worth spending and totally recommended.

The final question is 'Did I feel like home?' mmmm, yes, I think so.

Check out their official video for the complete looks!

Two (little?) pigs who happily enjoyed all the foods.


FOOD - 8

Tuan Rumah
Tebet Green
First Floor


Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me said...

This place looks very nice with unique concept (for a chinese food restaurant). Not to metion the reasonable prices. haha

Well, for the Mantau Noyu, the yellow lava you mentioned on the post, isn't it some sort of a mix from salted-duck-egg's melting yolk and milk? If it is, it must be delicious!

Best Regard,
Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me

If I happen to go to Tebet, I guess I have to visit the place.:D

James Hezekiah said...

Hi Prawnche!
yes, the looks of this resto just hooked me, at that time.
I think the yellow lava was kind of salted-egg but it tasted a bit sweet hehe.
You must have a visit there :)

thanks for visiting :D

Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me said...

Yes, I will if I happen to pass by that area, James! :)

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James Hezekiah said...

hello petitchef, I'll do it for sure.
Enjoy the rest of SUPER SUPPER :D

thanks for bumping here :)