Watch out! BonChon, as a pioneer of korean style fried chicken in Indonesia, come up with a great innovation to fulfill your appetite. It's a K-STYLE burger which is MORE THAN just an ordinary burger. BonChon gives us an experience of a unique, healthy, yet delicious burger to enjoy with 0% trans fat.

This Tuesday (3/9), I got invited to taste and feel BonChon's new family member.
Here they are, BonChon proudly presents BOB, BOS, AND KIM.


BOB - BonChon Burger (IDR 25k)
A BonChon's very own crunchy chicken patty, egg, cheese, iceberg lettuce, and honey mustard wrapped in a toasted warm bun.
Mmmm, don't you think it looks so much appetizing? BOB, their original burger, for me, tasted uniquely great. The crunchy chicken patty and honey mustard were both the hero of the meal. Everything here was wrapped up perfectly to fulfill your lovely belly.


BOS - BonChon Spicy Burger (IDR 25k)
A BonChon's crunchy patty, egg, cheese, iceberg lettuce, and secret spicy mayo wrapped in a toasted warm bun.
What makes it different from BOB is only the secret spicy mayo. It tasted not too spicy, but still in a proper way. Personally, I'm kinda person who easily fall for mayo dishes, so this one was just more than great. It felt like having both melt and crunch in my mouth.

KIM - BonChon Kimchi Burger (IDR 25k)
BonChon's crunchy chicken patty, cheese, egg, iceberg lettuce, honey mustard, and BonChon's Kimchi wrapped in a toasted warm bun.
This one's the most stunning among the others. Personally, It was my first kimchi burger and I haven't found this kind of burger outside there. It tasted indescribable. Everything here's such a perfect match. If you're a kimchi lovers, undoubtedly, this one's a perfect choice.

Those are the three new family member. They're like no other. It's good to enjoy them with fries and end up with their vanilla mochi :9 There's no reason not to enjoy them. It's delicious and guilty-free. What else to worry.
GOOD NEWS for you! You don't have to imagine anymore! You can have a bite (maybe now, lol) only by dialing 5000-51.
Have a bite, feel the crunch, and enjoy!

Some pictures during the launch and media gathering.
Michelle E. Surjaputra, The 22 years old CEO, was giving an explanation about the new stuffs.

Surprisingly, I got a door prize. It's the newest Super Junior's Album with Siwon's signature on it and other merchandise. Since I'm not a fan of them, I just gave it to a writer from local magazine who begged me for it haha

BonChon Chicken


putri soe said...

comprehensive post, james! smuanya dicoba, gw jadi bs nentuin mau yg mana nanti haha. dan aga kocak dapetnya suju (dan lbh kocak lg krn lo kasih ke reporter yg kepengen).

James Hezekiah said...

thanks kak putche :D
yang paling enak sih yang bos hehe menurut gw.
gapapa deh dapet yang suju. satu lagi door prize nya parsel, susah juga bawanya kalo dapet hehe.

Cend Woo said...

this is such a really nice posttt
can't wait to taste their kimchi burger . sounds yumm

James Hezekiah said...

thanks cend woo :)
you'd better try it, it's like no other.

myfunfoodiary said...

waaaaa, i was there too...
salam kenal James, nice post! :)

James Hezekiah said...

wow great! glad to know you, funfoodiary :) (i don't know your real name) hehe

thanks for visiting :D