Have you ever dined in a hummingbird's nest?

If you haven't, Hummingbird Eatery just got it all.
Being so popular in Bandung, Hummingbird Eatery just opened their first branch in Jakarta, exactly in Kuningan City. Last saturday (1/9), I just did an ARISAN with my high school mates. It may sound bizarre for students like us to do this stuff. But, I think, it's never too young to start up this thing, so long as we enjoy it.

While I was getting into this place, a warm ambience and wooden decor just welcome me well. I got stunned with the uniquely big bird nest in this place.

Beside that, Hummingbird got many selections of food and beverages, range from salad, asian dishes, western mains, savory crepes, tea, beer, and many more.

Now, Let's get straight to the meal :D

Melting Mozza Chicken

Melting Moza Chicken (IDR 49k)
Grilled chicken thigh covered with melted cheese and mushroom served with red sauce and mashed potato.
There's a bird sign beside this dish in the menu which means it's one of their speciality.  For me, this moza chicken came with a quite big portion (not only the plate). The chicken here was really tender and a good match with the red sauce. I actually didn't really know what kind of sauce it was, but it tasted savory and a bit sweet. Unfortunately, I didn't found the 'melting' part here, it's kinda cheese-less, I guess. And for the mashed potato, I gotta raise my thumbs up.

Spicy Volcano Tuna (IDR 39k)
Spaghetti cooked in spicy aglio olio topped with melted mozarella.
As its name, this one was that spicy. It might taste just like another aglio olio, but the melting cheese just made it different. If you're looking for something spicy yet cheesy, this one would be a great choice.

Classic Fish And Chips

Classic Fish And Chips (IDR 49k)
Golden brown battered and deep-fried dory fish served with french fries and tartare sauce.
It might be not their speciality, but I found the dory was really fresh and crunchy. The fries was also great enough, added with the savory tartare sauce. It's simply delicious.

Dory Parmigiana
Dory Parmigiana (IDR 57k)
Deep fried dory topped with melted mozzarella and chunky tomato sauce served with mashed potato.
I usually found this kind of parmigiana in chicken and this one was just uniquely nice. Everything here was a pack of deliciousness. For me, the melting mozzarella was the hero of the meal. (FYI, I'm currently learning how to make it for my next #ANYONECANCOOK post)

Hamburg Steak
Hamburg Steak (IDR 57k)
Juicy 150gr beef patty added with mushroom sauce, veggies, potato, and egg served in a hotplate.
Are you wondering where the patty was? It's actually hidden under the poached egg. The beef patty itself was nice and tender. This one's one of Hummingbird's all-time favorite and  a perfect choice for you who are looking for something juicy, yet healthy.

Rosemary Infused Chicken 
Rosemary Infused Chicken (IDR 49k)
Rosemary chicken served with fried potato, green salad, and mushroom sauce.
The chicken here wasn't a fillet but a four-cut chicken. As its name. rosemary chicken, I found there's too much rosemary sprinkle on the potato. Overall, it was so delicate and the sauce just completed the meal.

Del'z Pinky Berry
Del'z Pinky Berry (IDR 32k)
Among many drinks that we got, this one was the most stunning. This one consisted of he hummingbird's nectar. I gotta say this pinky berry was so fresh, breeze, and not too sweet. (It also came in a quite big size).

Hummingbird Eatery arrival in Jakarta would add more culinary experience to its citizen. Besides those plenty delightful dishes, they also got a great concept. Unfortunately, the service here was not that good. Some of the food were delivered for a quite long time. Unlucky me, they didn't serve sweet stuffs like cake and crepes at the time I came :(.  For the price, I found it's not that sky-high and much more affordable if it's compared to Kitchenette or any other themed-restaurant. Tempting food, warm ambience, and good price, these three things make me consider to have a visit later.

The whole companion.

The luckiest couple of the day


FOOD - 9

Hummingbird Eatery
Kuningan  City, UG Floor


putri soe said...

Ah gw pingin bgt nyoba hummingbird yg di jakarta! tapi mreka jg blm nyediain kue yah james?

Putri Soe

James Hezekiah said...

ayo cobain kak, kan deket juga hehe
waktu gua ke sana sih, cakes sama crepes nya belum ada.