To spoil your sweet tooth to your hearts.
It's the promise that Sugarush tries to give to all of their lovely customers. Located in the classic road in Bandung, Braga, Sugarush got many selection of delights, with speciality in sweet and savory crepes, waffles, cakes, coffee, churros, and mocktails. Beside those heavenly sweet stuffs, pasta, salad, western and indonesian dishes are also available here.

Before my visit, I had heard some buzzes about this place as a popular place in Bandung. As I walked around Braga Street, the big red sign just hooked me to get a visit. The first thing I saw was their food replica, it was quite mouth-watering, even it looked a bit too fake to be true. Furthermore, I was spoiled by their assorted cakes selection on the left side of the entrance. In the middle part, there were plenty of classic lamp and uniquely great doodle art on the wall. I just fell for them, the ambience just made me wanna stay there for a long time.

After making a decision to choose, here they are those delightful dishes!

Spicy Hot Tuna Baked Rice
Spicy Hot Tuna Baked Rice (29k)
Baked rice covered with spicy sauce, mayo, topped with minced tuna, melted mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese sprinkle.
This baked rice just got my appetite higher. Personally, I really liked the sauce here, it tasted spicy in a proper way. Sadly, the rice was just like a common rice, not a baked one. Besides that, the tuna and the melted cheese were the hero of the meal. I gotta raise both of my thumbs for this. It's a must-try!

Beef Baked Rice

Beef Baked Rice (29k)
Baked rice topped with bolognaise beef topping and melted mozzarella cheese.
This one looked not as good as the previous one, I guess. For the taste, this  one was just so-so. I might go for Nanny's Pavillon's beef baked rice rather than this one.

Chicken Cheese Burger
Chicken Cheese Burger (25k)
A burger filled with chicken fillet, melted mozzarella cheese, veggies, and served with french fries.
This one might sound so ordinary. But, I bet you would get addicted to this one. This burger was so great, the chicken, (especially) the cheese, and fries were all a great package.

Ayam Bumbu Bali
Ayam Bumbu Bali (29k)
A fried chicken topped with spicy bali seasoning served with steamed rice and soy cake.
This one was one of their Indonesian lip-smacking dishes. The chicken here came in a quit big size. If you're looking for spicy and traditional taste this one should be your choice.

Blueberry Cream Waffle
Blueberry Cream Waffle (23k)
A single waffle topped with a scoop of ice cream and blueberry sauce.
This one was just an ordinary. My friends said that she prefer one from pancious or nanny's to this one.

Scream For Churros
Scream For Churros (25k)
This  churros was one of their speciality. But, for me, it was so thin and tasted a bit like "gorengan". I guess there must be something wrong with the oil they used for frying this. For the ice cream and chocolate dip, it was great and the hero of the meal :)

Blueberry Rainbow Cake
Blueberry Rainbow Cake (25k)
The Sugarush was famous for their rainbow cake, but I tried a different one, yes, it's blueberry rainbow. It looks was not that appetizing, I guess. All the layer here tasted the same. The cream cheese and blueberry sauce were both nice. The happiest part was it came in a big size and I could get it with only 25k.

Chocolate Macaroon
Chocolate Macaroon (6k)
The Sugarush got various flavor of macaroon. Among all of them, the chocolate one was picked. It came in a rather big size and it tasted really nice, it was sweet in a proper way.

Sugarush Mocktail - Red Mocktail
Red Mocktail (15k)
Sugarush Mocktail (17k)
Both of these mocktail were their signature drinks. Personally, it tasted too sweet so it's necessary to add some water.

Dining here was such a good good experience. I absolutely fell for the ambience, especially the doodle art. In average, all the food here was satisfying and came with a triple-nice price, even for a student like me. If you're around Braga Street and looking for both heavy and sweet, The Sugarush should be on your list.

The companion.

with the writer of GET LOST.


FOOD - 8
PRICE - 10

The Sugarush
Jalan Braga No. 83
Phone: 022-4236618


Fajar Ahmad said...

Thank you loh, James..

putri soe said...

Wah asik nih paling suka gw eatery campur kue2 plus HARGANYA dong! Thx for sharing, James!


James Hezekiah said...

sama-sama fajar :)

James Hezekiah said...

iyaa enak sih di sini terlebih harganya itu loh.
coba di jakarta ada kafe-kafe lucu yang seginian harganya ya kak hehe.