Are you fed up with the daily routines? or just seek for an escape? Maja House may help you with it.

Located in the North Bandung, Maja House is a multi purpose building which is so grand and enormous. Maja means something beautiful in spain. Yes, it's a true beauty, indeed. This place is divided into sections such as restaurant, function hall, and meeting rooms.

As I entered the Maja House, I got stunned. Then, I went to their restaurant called Sugar and Cream. (Mmm, sounds so tempting) It's kind of a rooftop bar where we could enjoy great foods, drinks, and nice city view.

The ambience there was so modern and chic. There are three areas there: indoor, bar, and outdoor. Me and my friends chose the outdoor so we could see the beautiful city lights while enjoying the food. For your info, this place turns into club during weekend.

As we arrived there at around 1 AM, we got only light snacks, desserts, and drinks.

Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad (19k)
Directly, this one looked quite tempting (so sorry if the pict doesn't look like a salad, the place's lack of light) and (happily) it came in a satisfying portion. It wasn't an extraordinary one, but I just liked it. The chicken, veggies, dressing were all packed as a good starter.

French Fries
French Fries (11k)
Yes, it was as simple as ABC. There were two things that made me happy: First, the cheese dip, the hero of the meal. The second one was the price.

Chocolate Fondant Cake
Chocolate Fondant Cake (29k)
This one was actually a warm chocolate cake. I found the chocolate here melted in a proper way and the ice cream was just a great companion. It was so luscious. To be frank, I still prefer the one at Bakerzin.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies (22k)
It's a baked chocolate cookies pie with a vanilla ice cream. I think my previous sentence just describe it all, so simple? However, this one was heavenly appetizing. Many of my friends said that this one was the best among the others.

Star of Maja
Star of Maja (around 30k)
I picked this one just because there's Maja on its name, so I hope for something special. It's a mixture of cucumber, orange, or something. I couldn't describe it as well. Actually, I got refreshed at my first gulp.

To sum it up, I actually fell for this place. The ambience, view, and atmosphere just hook me to stay for a longer time. For the food, it was nice. I'd like to try their heavy dish on my next visit. However, I gotta raise my thumbs for the price. It's averagely cheap for this kind of beauty place. I can't ever imagine if this place happens in Jakarta, the price must be so sky-high. OK, it's my sudden escape during the college weeks. I suggest you to have one. Enjoy!

(taken by adelia suryani)

AVERAGE SPENDING (50K - for light meals)

FOOD - 8

Sugar And Cream (Maja House)
Jalan Sersan Bajuri No. 72


putri soe said...

Sumpah gw makin seneng sama review2 lo james. banyakin resto2 atau eatery murah cihuiy gini yah hahaha.
will sure check on it when i go to Bandung!


James Hezekiah said...

hihi di bandung banyak macem kaya gini hihi, harus dicoba banget kak putch
thanks for dropping by :D