Many people believe that sushi never dies.
Many people crave for sushi for plenty times. 
Nowadays, even sushi's not that hip as ramen, it still sticks in the lovers' heart.

A couple weeks ago, several food bloggers and me just attended a gathering at Taiyo Sushi held by Openrice. It was actually my first time here and it's kinda hard to reach from my home. As I got into the places I was welcomed by the so-kind waitress who wore a kimono. The ambience here was dominated by wood element and quite vast.

Before enjoying their delightful dishes, we could see the making of those sushi and the manager just told us a little brief about the food and their speciality.

And here they are some of their signature dishes.

Aburi Mozarella Roll

Aburi Mozarella Roll (56k)
Salmon sushi filled with crab stick, cucumber, bread crumb, and topped with mayo, mozzarella cheese, floss, and salmon roe.
It undoubtedly looked so tempting and came in a quite big portion.  For me, this one tasted nice, but I just wondered where the cheese was. It's kinda cheese-less, I guess. Overall, everything here was such a good match.

Tempura Maki Floss

Tempura Maki Floss (22k)
Frankly, this one was as simple as ABC. At my first bite, I could feel the crunch and savory in my mouth. It might be just like another maki floss, but I was into it.

Spicy Salmon Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll (26k)
Fried salmon sushi topped with spicy mayo.
I simply fell for this one. For me, the fried stuffs and spicy mayo were both the hero of the meal.

Taiyo Special Roll
Taiyo Special Roll (52k)
As there's Taiyo in the name, I expected something very special. Ya, it's true that this special roll was heavenly delicious. The salmon and burnt spicy-mayo just melt perfectly in my mouth. It's a must-try for fusion sushi addict.

Unagi Salmon Special

Unagi Salmon Special (54k)
Salmon sushi filled with bread crumb, cucumber, unagi, and topped with salmon roe and mayo.
I gotta say this one was not as fusion as the others. The salmon here still dominate the unagi. Salmon feat Unagi? I think there's no regret to try this.

Curry Fettucini
Curry Fettucini (45k)
Let's get to the point! This one was heavenly splendid! The fettucini was so creamy and tempting. For me, the curry sauce was strong and spicy in a proper way. It's absolutely a must-try!

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice
I was curious wether it's so 'japanese' or not. But, in fact, It was so fresh the presentation was good.

Overall, I really fell for Taiyo sushi and I enjoyed those time with the other writers. As a fusion sushi lovers, I gotta raise my thumbs for the food. For the price, I think it's still properly affordable. Thanks to Openrice and Taiyo Sushi! I will have a visit there later!

(from left to right) Prawnche (Foodventurer), Dino (Good Food Good Life), Selba (Selby's Food), Elvina (A Journey After All), OdysseyGemini, Tikka (The Gourmet Chic), Cend Woo (Hotty Potty), and Me

FOOD - 8

Taiyo Sushi
Jalan Pluit Putra Raya No. 17


Cend Woo said...

wooooo.. you slipped a short sushi poetry in your post . anyway i grabbed our pict . nice one! :)

James Hezekiah said...

haha yes, i'm just trying to make one. it's okay, thanks cendwoo.

Fajar Ahmad said...

Actually, I am not really into Japanese food including sushi... but the photos make me want to try to love 'em. Maybe I should try to open my heart. Anyway, nice post, James..

James Hezekiah said...

wah, thanks fajar :D
i suggest you to love them. it's one of the greatest pleasure ever #lebay haha it's better to try the fusion one, if you don't like raw stuffs.

irene said...

Hi James, salam kenal!
Love the pics, what camera r u using? anyway adding ur blog to my blogroll, hope u don't mind! :)

James Hezekiah said...

hey, irene, glad to know you :D
i'm currently using SONY NEX 5N with 18-55mm lense
ok, i'm also gonna add your link soon.
thanks for visiting, irene :)