Many people skip breakfast, in case of having no time or anything else. One thing that they should really know, that breakfast is the truly fuel for the day :)

In the early days of September, I just attended a culinary trip to Bandung called #JJKBANDUNG held by yukmakan.com

The first place we visited was Aston Primera Hotel in Pasteur. We got there for an early meal in the morning. The happy thing was it's a buffet and I haven't got anything in my belly, at that time.

And here plenty of pleasures they got.

Healthy fuels of the day - double sunny side up egg, beef ham. wedges, and veggies.

Bratwurst, fried rice, black pepper beef, and fried vermicelli.

Semur Daging

Roasted Chicken

Chocolate-filled Croissant

Chocolate Brownies

Plain Croissant

Choco Crunch and Corn Flakes

Vanilla Donuts

The Open Kitchen

For me, getting breakfast here was a good one. They got many selections of food range from western, asian, breakfast menu, sweet dishes, pastry, cakes, and kids' food. More over, Half-done double sunny side up and beef curry were my favorites. It might not be an extraordinary place, but it's great place to get your early meal :) Once again, don't forget to get your fuel!

FOOD - 7

Aston Primera
Jalan Pasteur, Bandung


Cend Woo said...

nice pictures ! semur daging nyaaa *droolll

T B said...

I won't skip breakfast anymore James, anw, it (culinary trip) sounds so GREAT!

T B said...

that culinary trip sounds so great! well I won't skip breakfast mr. chef :)

James Hezekiah said...

thanks cendwoo, haha in fact it's just so-so.

James Hezekiah said...

hihi iya tiniiii we should do one like this with arisan-mates hehe

Kinan L. Wirastani said...

Wow, those food looked awesome, especially those sunny-side up! I bet the egg yolk bursted out when you poked it with a fork. Great shots, by the way, I really enjoyed reading your posts!

James Hezekiah said...

hello Kinan, glad to know you.

the egg was that good, for sure. sometimes, great pleasure comes from the simplest one.

thank you, keep on reading SUPER SUPPER :D

Aris Munandar said...

it's that goof? the roast chicken looks yummy :) been here once to check the hotel but always fully booked, maybe next time

James Hezekiah said...

you should have a visit here, dr. b :)

Raisa Ayuditha said...

someday when you get to Thailand, do stay at VIE HOTEL, Bangkok, a five-star hotel with quite lower price than others. the breakfast menus really won't disappoint you, friend :)

James Hezekiah said...

wah, I haven't heard about that before. #sambilgoogling hehe I'm gonna check it out as I get there, one day.
Anyway, thanks for the recommendation, raisa :)