Today, I'm gonna to tell you about my turning-nineteen day, which was exactly on June 28, 2012. I'd like  to say a big thanks for every of your wishes and prayers :D 
After so many thoughts, considering this and that, I decided to pick the new-hits-in-town, Lucy In The Sky, to share the happiness with my buddies on that happy day.

Here, Lucy tries to bring us a fresh treat of a rooftop garden with a comfy treetop outlooks and nice high building view. It does attract as a casual and relaxed place to hangout.

view from the top.

Anyway, who's Lucy? She's an imaginative cat who fall down from the sky and owns this rooftop garden. hehe, it's the true story. so imaginative, isn't it?
As I went upstairs from the Fairground at SCBD area, I got shocked that I'd arrived. It was not that 'rooftop' and not that sky high, I guess. But, it didn't matter. The view was just splendid, no exaggerate.  Lucky us, we've booked the seats first. It was so crowded at that time. After hardly found which one's the waiter (they didn't wear a uniform), we were all get seated and started to chat a lot.

And these were what's on the table:

Onion Ring ( IDR 45 K)
I always fall for this kind of onion ring, wherever it is. For me, this one's really nice and crunchy. The dipping sauce tasted sweet and sour, it's kinda a thai sauce, I guess. It just completed the meal.

Onion Ring

Balado Oxtail ( IDR 85 K)
Sliced oxtail poured with balado sauce served with steamed rice, oxtail soup, and melinjo cracker.
Lucy states this one as their chef-recommendation. The meat was well-done and so tender. For me, as a spicy seekers, the balado sauce was great and not too hot. It's a perfect meal, if you're looking for something heavy. Mmmm, I'd give two thumbs up for this one!

Balado Oxtail

Pork Champagne ( IDR 85 K)
Marinated pork in champagne served with fried wedges or rice.
Many of my buddies ordered this one. They got a bit surprised by the size. It looked so small, I guess, there's only five pieces meats, more or less. But, happily, the pork was delicate, tender, and tasted a bit sweet. It's getting perfect with those fried wedges.

Pork Champagne

Beef Lasagna ( IDR 65 K)
Obviously, the lasagna was so lip-smacking at the first sight. (sorry, the pict doesn't look like a lasagna, I guess) It served with a lot of minced meat and parmesan cheese. For the lasagna itself, I might say it was soft and fluffy. For the taste, for me, it was just so-so.

Beef Lasagna

Hummingbird Cake (IDR 50 K)
A tree layer cake made of pineapple, banana, walnut, and cream cheese on the top.
This was one of their famous cake besides Lucy Cake. I've never got this kind of cake before, so this was my first hummingbird. Uprightly, my impression after the first bite, mmmm... It tasted like 'roti gambang' for sure and a bit too dry. My friends also got the same view like me. The cream cheese was the hero of the meal, I guess. It might be a super scrumptious cake for someone, but  I gotta state that I'm not that into it.

Hummingbird Cake

For the drink, we got

Strawberry Iced Tea (IDR 25 K)
Lychee Iced Tea (IDR 25 K)
Iced Hazelnut (IDR 40 K)
Personally, I prefer Lychee Iced Tea to the strawberry one. For the hazelnut, it's just an ordinary. Besides that, Lucy's also famous for their cocktails, ginsberg, daiquiri, and any other alcohol drink.

Strawberry Iced Tea

On the whole, dining here was a superb. It's a prefect place for hanging around, meeting, or just a brainstorming. The place would spoil you with a great view. Unfortunately, we got there around at 8 pm so the sky's getting dark. My suggestion, the perfect time to visit is around 5 pm. For the service, it's quite poor I guess. And, I also found the price here was worth spending especially for the nice place. Good food, nice rooftop, and awesome friends just brightened that day.

(Up) Yovani, Paulus, Adelia, Vania, (Down) Juno, Andre, James, Maggy.


FOOD - 8

Lucy In The Sky
Fairground at SCBD
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53

*all the photos belong to @adeliasryn


Inez Fransisca said...

Omigodd, its my food resolution and i don't have any plan to eat there. But I think I have to go there asap :) nice review btw

James Hezekiah said...

wah thanks inez :)
you'd better get there and i bet you won't regret.

Aris Munandar said...

hello visiting here. I heard some bad review about this place :( let's exchange link

James Hezekiah said...

hello aris
yes, the bad one may refer to the food selections or sevices, I guess. It's a good place for drinking/ hanging around rather than for dining. But, for me, the great views just cover it up.
ok, thanks for visiting :D

Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me said...

Wow, the place looks nice, and the view must be very nice!
I'm planning to go there at the end of the month. But it seems like the place is nicer for drinking and eating light meals, isn't it?
Well, the pork champagne looked very delish despite the small portion!
Guess I can't wait to visit this happening venue soon!
Really nice review there!

Best Regard,
Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me

James Hezekiah said...

Truly agree with you, prawnche.
It's great to spend your afternoon here with the nice view, great atmosphere, and also good beverages :D
Sure, you should have a visit, before it's getting too crowded :P

Cend Woo said...

who's lucy!? aaaa cuteee haha
haven't been here before since i've heard not-so-good news about it . Anyway , happy ( super ) belated birthday! :)

James Hezekiah said...

haha ya i heard that too, but i think it's worth trying.
kinda late, thanks CendWoo :)