Chef Gustau Motto in Ratatouile The Movie

Yes, these words inspires me a lot. I think there's no necessary to get a degree in culinary to be able to cook. (But, it's great if you got one!hehe and I wish I could.) Why? The answer is simply that anyone can cook, Mmmm (at least) if they've tried once.

From now on, there would be a lot of easy-to-follow yet delicious recipe here (Currently, I still get it form another site with a little improvement). As One of my goals in my life to run my own patisserie, so I think it's good to keep on practicing. I'm not a pro cook, but on my way there.



keanetee said...

JAMES SOTOY hahahah gadeeeng goodluck! ajak ajak gue kalo mau masak :3

James Hezekiah said...

haha siapa nih keantee. sok imut (alay) bet, kintan yak?iya nanti diajak hihi

Gracia Christie said...

loving loving your blog james!
great improvement, great pictures, and of course great food!
wish you the best of luck dear chair-mate!

James Hezekiah said...

haloooo graciaaaa, long time no see and talk :"
miss you a lot, chairmate!
hihi super thanks for the support grasibow :D
good good luck for you too!