"You got to the mountain top one step at a time. You can take a break but you must keep moving forward." - anonymous

For me it's really necessary to take a break, have fun, and get refreshed. This time, I'd like to share another break time I got during the hectic weeks of college.

It's been a long time for me to enjoy chinese food and I hardly found a good one around my college. Finally,  I got one. So, me and my friend decided to try this recently-opened restaurant, Imperial Kitchen. It's a resto which well known for their dim sum, la mian, and of course chinese food!
Here we go!

First came was Fried Gourami Fish with Thai Sauce (49k).

Deep Fried Gourami Fish with Thai Sauce
My first impression told that it's gonna be really tempting. Yep, in fact, the fish was a real crunchy. In other hand, the seasoning just made the dish a superb.  It tasted sweet, yet  a bit spicy. I gotta admit that this is truly recommended :D

Another yummy dishes we got was Crispy Sliced Chicken with Lemon (24k).

Crispy Sliced Chicken with Lemon
I just noticed after ordering the dishes that we got a fried dish again. I don't really know why, it's just chosen randomly by the hunger. Poured with plenty of sesame, the chicken was really tender and crispy.  It's actually a delicious one. I really liked the sweet and lemon sour taste. Everything was just combined in an exact way.

Third came was Sauteed Horenzo with Assorted Eggs (24k)
Sauteed Horenzo with Assorted Eggs
This one looked so delicate. I usually order this at every chinese food restaurant. It's always delicious wherever I got it. Especially, I love the pitan eggs so much. The seasoning, assorted eggs, and horenzo really made this one really tempting.

The last one was Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk (39k). Again and again, fried dish again. There's no pict for this one, I forgot to take it. Frankly, this fried prawn was so luscious. For me, the salted eggs was the hero of the meal.

All of dishes just filled my and my friend's belly. We couldn't get any spaces for a dessert. Overall, dining here was such a good experience. Nice food, nice place, warm service was put into one. Also, the price was not expensive, comparing to another famous chinese food resto, and really affordable for student :D This was not the best one, but good enough, i guess. If you're a chinese food lover, you'd better try this one!

This is how I enjoyed my break time. I suggest you to get a lot of break but you must keep moving forward.



Imperial Kitchen
Margo City, 3rd Floor


me said...

i love chinese food, but our "chinese" food is much different to yours :o :D perhaps we only have german-chinese food :D

have a good day:)

James Hezekiah said...

yes, so do i. this one would not be the best one, i guess. There're more chinese resto which is more 'chinese' here.
wow, german-chinese sounds so bizarre. so eager to try that, 'cause i haven't got any of it.

anw, thanks for visiting :D glad to know you!

Steve Bale said...

I'm hungry now :D


James Hezekiah said...

you'd better grab one :D
thanks for visiting steve.