Hot and Spicy, it may be what Lombok stands for.
On my last trip, I visited Lombok after had been dazzled by The Komodo Island.
My and my friends went to many beaches and tried a lot of wonderful dishes here.

The first one was called Sate Rembige (1k per piece). The word "Rembige" itself was originated from the name of place in Lombok, near the Selaparang Airport. It's far different with the one I used to get. Sate Rembige had no dressing sauce. It's a chicken satay wrapped with special chili mix.

Sate Rembige 

At the first bite, it gave me a big big addiction so I wanted it more, more, and more. I think I shouldn't have had it too much, because it's very hot and spicy. If you don't like spicy dishes, This one's not the right one for you, I guess.


Those delightful satay was served with plecing (5k) and a soup - kind of oxtail (compliment). Plecing was a culinary trademark of Lombok. It's made from boiled spinaches, bean sprouts, nut and a special tomato sauce on the top. Personally, I didn't like plecing at all. I just didn't know why, it just tasted weird.

Another culinary trademark of Lombok I tried was "Ayam Taliwang" (27k) . It's not a perfect trip if you missed having it during the trip.

Ayam Taliwang was well-known of its spiciness. The chicken was roasted and added with a lot of their local and special chilli mix. It tasted really really great and very original. The chicken was very tender and seasoning was just made it perfect! 
Taliwang Grilled Chicken

After getting those splendid chickens, there was still a space for this delightful Honey Grilled Carp Fish.

Honey Grilled Carp Fish

Quite different from the chicken one, this fish gave me a honey-sweet taste. If you don't like spicy dishes, this could be your option.


Again and again, there were a plecing here. grr, I still didn't like it. But this one looked better I guess.

Overall, a trip to Lombok was really satisfying. Good food, wonderful beaches, warm people, and good friends just made my day brilliant. 

I hope you enjoy what I enjoyed!
Have a nice monday :D 

Overall  (8.5)

Sate Rembige Ibu Sin
Jalan Dokter Wahidin

Ayam Taliwang Ade Irma
Jalan Ade Irma Suryani


Okinice Meyer said...

Are you in Lombok right now?
I'm craving for the honey grilled crap fish.. Seems legit.. :9~

Btw, imo, hot and spicy, it may be what Indonesia stands for.. :)).

James Hezekiah said...

HI Oki!
Nope, it was several months ago. You should try that one, so origin and delicious :D

Beauty Follower said...

Love sate!