Hello foodies, today's April 23. It's exactly SUPER SUPPER first anniversary. I just wanna take a look back my motivation at the first time. It's began with my big desire for food. So, I decided to get a blog (I'd rather call it as a journal) to keep in mind and share every delights I got. At that time, I got a goal to visit 1001 restaurant before I die. Yes, it's still a long way to go and I gotta keep going on.

I Thank you for all of your visits and shouts, really appreciate it. 

As I told you before, the winner of the first giveaway will be announced today. It's a fair one, the winner was randomly picked by random.org.

And, congratulation to MARGARETH SOPHIA ELISABETH (BABETH) for winning the giveaway :D 

No wonder she won this contest. She's one of the smartest and luckiest one I ever met. She's also my great partner in studying before SNMPTN last year. We visited many restaurant, got the foods and studied well after the national exam. We got a motto for this: study, eat, pray, and repeat. It's a good formula to any examination, I guess.

Thank you for all of the participants. There would be more giveaways and more winners.
I hope SUPER SUPPER could be your belly's best mate :)

Have a super day!


babeth said...

Super thanks to you, James! I enjoyed our great times dining at many restaurants and hopefully there will be many more to come. Keep up the great job :)

James Hezekiah said...

you're welcome babeth :) haha nanti gua kasih ke kamar lo ya haha