Japanese food is really wanted nowadays. Most of the people loves japanese food, but some says it's terrible. I found that Torigami Sushi Resto is the most unique place to eat. Not only a great experience of eating japanese food is offered, but also the excitement of making an origami cranes.

An ancient japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, with as a long life or a recovery from illness or injury. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical creatures and it is said it could live a thousand of years. In Asia, the stories commonly said that if you folding a thousand papers of origami cranes, it will make your wishes and dreames come true. believe it? just try this at home.

Personally, I believe it very much. But in fact, I coudn't make even one origamy crane ;( 

I tried three meals there. The first one's crunchy roll.

The crunchy roll here is just the same with the one at another resto. The salmon sashimi, mmm really fresh. and the ingredients inside blend together perfectly. 

The next one's Soboro Don. 

It's a rice bowl with a minced grilled chicken and omelette served with fresh salad and miso soup. I found the chicken here's really fine. Nothing's special in this meal. It's just like another chicken don.

The last one's Curry Katsu with rice. 

The curry's so splendid. All the toppings just make this dish perfect. I prefer this meal to the two previous. So yummy! 

This resto got a rare selection of drinks. There are japanese black ocha, japanese peach ocha, and japanese lychee ocha. I tried the first one. mmmm, I don't like it, tastes weird.

I also tried to make an origami cranes while i was waiting for the meals to be served. It's absolutely hard. There's a guidance to make it step by step. Finally I couldn't make even one piece.

Dining here's a new experience for me. I can't find this kind of concept so far. The meal's just fine. You' find the price here is quite cheap. It's super reccomended for any of you who get bored with the common sushi resto.


Torigami Sushi
Pondok Indah Mall
Jakarta Selatan


okky oktaviani said...

i loveeee sushiii, i'm the type of person who just enjoys eating at my comfort restaurant of sushi and stick with it, but by reading this post, i probably need to try Torigami then. thank Jameskiiii

James Hezekiah said...

yes, it's a must-try, i guess. like no other!