Are you looking for a food paradise? Now, I'm gonna tell you one of the best in town. It is Syailendra at JW Mariott. You'd better go here with a vacant belly. There are many kinds of food like japanese, western, indian, indonesian, and many more. One of the best thing i found is they serve pork-dishes! mmm, awesome!

I started from the western side. I tried the roasted duck, pork belly, and several kinds of sausage. I really like the roast duck which is wrapped (I forgot its name) what a perfect one! the sauce's really a perfect match.

The next one's japanese food. Mmmm, all the food here looks fresh. I don't like raw dishes too much so I just tried the sushi-rolls. It's nice, but not that special, just like another sushi-rolls.

Then, let's move to the italian side. There are a pasta bar and a pizza. There are many kinds af pasta here like spinach pasta, watermelon pasta, and the original one. You can pick your favorite sauce here, and enjoy it! I'm really into the pizza, simpe, thin, and crunchy. It's a must-try!

There's also a noodle bar, You can make it on your own with your favorite toppings and get the chef to cook it for you.

Oxtail Soup
This is a super oxtail soup, one of the best i ever had. The soup's really tasty and the meat's cooked well. PERFECT!

Beef Bulgogi
I rarely eat beef bulgogi, but this bulgogi makes me loves bulgogi. really really mouth-watering.

I guess not many of you know what bakut teh really is, yes it's kinda soup of pork ribs. It tastes splendid. I'm really into eat at   first and want more more and more of it!

The next one's suitable for those wo loves curry so bad.

Yes, it's roti canai. It's served with chicken or beef curry. I prefer chicken to beef, tastes great!

There's also various kind of dim sum, from hakau to sieu may. They're all just fine, nothing's special.

Finally, it's my favorite part of dining, DESSERT. For me a good resto depends on its dessert. now let's check their top sweet dishes.

Assorted Cakes
Apple Crumble Cake
This one is super loveable. I'm insanely addicted to this one. Super reccomended!

It's called Jealousy

Manggo Pudding

Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Cream Tart

French Puff

Assorted fruits

Assorted Syrup for Toppings

Dark andWhite Chocolate Bar
It's one of my favorite too, really nice. perfect choc bar.

Opera Cake

Choco Mousse
It may just look like an ordinary, but its taste is so heaven ! yummy
Strawberry Cheesecake

Assorted Marshmallow

Choco Fountain

Assorted Ice Cream
My favorite is honey-something flavor (I forgot) a very very nice ice cream.

I really enjoy eating here, so fantastic. The interior looks great, makes me feel comfortable. The waitres are so hospitable, kind, and full of smiles. I found the price's here high, but it's worth buying. It's super recommended for those who are looking for a perfect all-in-one stop. You MUST stop by here.



JW Mariott,  Ground Floor