Do you like suki? of course, yes! Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque is a good one. Raa Cha here is originated from thai which means "King".

Dining in Raa Cha gives you a new experience on how those kings in thailand have their meals. When you enter the resto, there are plenty kind of  food display that you can pick as you like. After you pick your own meals and drinks you gotta pay for it and the crew will help you bring your meals to the dining table.

Mmmm, I picked beef teriyaki, sweet beef bbq, chicken pandan, otak-otak, squid ball, swekiau, vegetables, noodles, and several kinda boiled meals. I don't remember the name one by one.

I tried two kind of gravy, chicken broth and tom yam. Mmmm, Those feels delightful, but i prefer the chicken broth, outstanding! For your information, those gravy is fat-free.

Then, I put those boiled-meals to the pot and waited until they're well done. After that, I also grilled the beef bbq. There's no butter here, but there's salad oil. Mmmm smelled like heaven.

Finally, all my meals were well done! There's served plenty kind of sauce to eat with like chilli sauce, tomato sauce, garlic sauce, soy sauce, suki sauce, and raa cha sauce. Those sauces just made my dining perfect.
And i got hot ocha for the drink.

I really enjoyed dining here. So many organic foods were served  here. I found there's no guilty pleasure to dine here. The price's really affordable. What a great dining experience i got here!


Raa  Cha  Suki and Barbeque
Mall Kelapa Gading 5
Jakarta Utara