Dessert is my favorite part of dining. Pand'or Patisserie Francaise is the super choice to fulfil my passion for dessert. Those bread, cookies, cake, hamper, food, and ice cream really awaken my appetite.

I tried three meals at my first visit here. The first one's Profiteroles. It's kinda pastry choux served with vanilla-chocolate-raspberry ice cream and anglaish sauce.



There are three pieces, looks like a small puff, i guess. Each of them's filled with a different flavour of ice cream. Several kind of syrup's poured beneath those pastry with a lot of almonds flakes.Those cream, strawberry and wafer stick also make this meal looks beautiful.

Mmmmm, It tastes really nice, especially the chocolate ice cream, it's SUPER ! For me, the hero of this meal is the ice cream. They're fantastic. It's one of the best ice cream in town, i suppose.
The pastry's fine and just so-so.

The next one is Waffle Delight. It's served with a single scoop of ice cream and fresh fruits. It looks really nice. Simple? yes it is. it's just like another waffle out there.

Waffle Delight

What makes it super is the waffle is really yummy and again The chocolate ice cream is the hero of this meal. I just can't stop gobbling this meal haha.

After that, The Orange Crepes. It looks just like another cheap crepes out there served with and orange topping and a single scoop of french vanilla ice cream. I really like the crepes. It tastes wonderful. the dough's really well-cooked. For me, it's the most splendid crepes i ever had. SUPER ! it's a MUST TRY !

Orange Crepes
Finally, I went here for the second time and I just got the super well-knowm warm chocolate cake.
Warm Chocolate Cake
 It looked so mouth-watering. It served with raspberry syrup, pastry stick, strawberry, and orange. You also could pick your own favorite ice cream. Mine was chocolate. It tasted HEAVEN! For me, the cake was really nice. But, I expected more of the melting-chocolate sensation and I didn't get much of it. But it saved by their masterpiece ice cream, frankly loved it.

I would compare this to the one at Bakerzin. I prefer warm chocolate cake at Bakerzin Even it's smaller in size and much more expensive.

I didn't order drink. Obviusly, I got a free drink. It's kinda tea, ginger tea, i guess - don't know exactly about this. It's served with a rock candy. Yeah, It's really delightful as a free compliment.

I also took away some breads and pastries. Those all just worth buying.

Overall, I really like to dine here. What a wonderful meals I got. The atmosphere and live music here really made my dining perfect. I found the price's here is really suitable for everyone. It's really worth eating here.

OVERALL (9.5) 

Pand'or Patisserie Francaise
Jalan Wijaya  1  No. 60


Raisa Ayuditha said...

it's almost been a year knowing you as my friend, james. i forgot why and how i jumped into this great blog last year by the way. and i think this post is the first one i read. congratulations for making each of us really want to enjoy what you've enjoyed here, james. and here you are, holding a ticket giveaway event. how great! keep blogging because i support you

James Hezekiah said...

wow, thank you so much raisa. I'm so affected to hear that.
Yes, I'm gonna keep blogging.
Big thanks for your support, it's such a pleasure..