Have you ever enjoyed local delights such in a bar or pub?

Eclectic Pub and Lounge just got it all. Originated from Surabaya, Eclectic got a (quite rare) uniqueness. They got plenty local delights such as Rujak Cingur, Nasi Bebek, Lontong Kikil, and many more. This time, I got a chance to try them at a gathering which's held by OpenRice. Personally, it might be a bit weird to eat something like these in a place like this. Does it really work for me? Let's check it out later.

As I got into this place, I was spoiled with a black-dominated interior.
The ambience here was really strong and characterful. I thought there must be something good in every details. For me, the atmosphere was kind of gothic or anything related to this, ya not just because the checkered tiles.

As mentioned above, beside serving international dishes, they also got local delights. Here they are, plenty delights at that night.

Monster Mushroom
It's sort of mushroom filled with melting mozzarella cheese and topped with bacon sprinkles. First impression, it was really superb. It's perfect to get it in one bite, it just melted in my mouth in a heavenly way. Undoubtedly, it was a great starter.

Potato Skin with Cheese & Bacon
This one was not far different from the previous one. Yes, kind of same toppings with a different basis. It tasted good, but the potato skin here was too thick, it's more like a half-cut potato. Frankly, it just failed to beat my favorite potato skin, the one at Tony Roma's.

Deep Fried Tentacles
It's not calamary, onion ring, or any other usual deep-fried starter. For me, this one was the winner among all of the starters. I just couldn't get enough of this. It's absolutely a must-try.

Iga Penyet
Yes, it was the first local delights on the table. It was actually not my dish. The ribs itself was not that tender. Truth told that it must be eaten with such an effort. For the spiciness, it was too much, for some people. 

Nasi Paru Pedas
It came in a really big size, happy or not? I wasn't too happy because there's still another dishes to try. For me, this one was much better than the previous one. I loved the deep-fried spinach, it's such a great yet unique companion to the fried beef lungs.

Nasi Sambal Udang

Nasi Bebek
The fried duck here was really tender, for the taste itself, it's just fine. 

Blueberry Panna Cotta
Let's just get straight, it's really really delightful. It's so smooth and fluffy. The blueberry sauce was just a great match. It must be the reason, I'd be here again someday. Sweet ending?Yes, indeed.

Creme Brulee
Frankly, this one wasn't as good as my expectation. For me, It's too sweet and too much. I just fell for the simply good presentation.

Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
I was so happy to have this on the table. It's one of my favorite sweet ending. Obviously, the presentation wasn't as good as the two others. I just wondered why there's a chocolate sauce on the top of the cake. For me, it didn't make me curious to know the real "melting" inside. Ya, it's just my personal thought hehe. For the taste, it's really good, the chocolate melted in a proper way. It's another sweet ending I got at that time.

Overall, it's such a great experience to have both international, yet local delights in a bar like this. Monster Mushroom, Fried Tentacles, and Blueberry Panna Cotta were my favorites. Unfortunately, I didn't found their uniqueness here (local delights) as their power. In my opinion, the finger dishes and desserts were much more delightful than the local one. Again, I gotta raise my thumbs for the price, western food, and the atmosphere. It's just in my opinion loh hehe. Do you agree? Let's give it a try and give me your shouts :) 


FOOD - 7.5
PLACE  - 8

Eclectic Bar and Lounge
Cilandak Tows Square
Ground Floor


Cend Woo said...

ah , those desserts .. looks sinfully delicious :9

James Hezekiah said...

yes, hehe Blueberry Panna Cotta is a must-try :)