Hello, today I came with another japanese delights in town, called Waraku. Waraku which means peace and harmony is originated from Singapore and opened their first branch in Indonesia in 2009.

It was my second time here since last year. This time I got a little discussion with one my buddies for our upcoming project.
I was spoiled by the good-looking foods replica outside the resto when I went passed the resto. It made me drooling and wanted more.

I picked a seat just close to the window, so that I could see a good city view. Unfortunately, the hot air conditioner made us move to another seats, a cooler one.

The menu was quite big and those all dishes looked mouth-watering. I hardly chose one. Finally, we picked a package menu for two. Here it is!

Beef Curry Ramen (IDR 59K) 
Ramen noodle with sliced beef, eggs, vegetable, and curry soup.
Personally, it came in a really small bowl. But, the curry was surprisingly nice and savory, although it's a bit too thick. My suggestions, they should add more sliced beef to complete the dish.
Beef Curry Ramen

Chicken Katsu Don (IDR 59K)
A rice bowl topped with a scrambled egg and deep fried chicken katsu.
Again, it came in a small size. It tasted really tempting as its one of their best-seller dish. Frankly, I fell for he chicken which was so tender and not too much

Chicken Katsu Don

For me, it's nice to dine here, even though I was quite disappointed with the size of the meal. Good places, warm service, and many assorted meals would make my day. It's nice to dine with family or just hangout with friends. For the price, I found the price here was a bit high, but still worth spending. If you're looking for a complete japanese delight, this is a MUST-TRY!

I hope you enjoy what I enjoyed. Spread the pleasure!
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AVERAGE SPENDING  - IDR 60  K and above


Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
Grand Indonesia
Third Floor