All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. - John Gunter

Many people skip breakfast due to the lack of time or they just don't want to. However, it's necessary to get it in the morning.

Here, I found a little place that would be nice for having breakfast with family and friends. It's QQ Kopitiam. All of you must have already known about this kind of resto that grows so fast in recent years. Kopitiam itself means Coffe Shop where we could chat with our friends or family while hhaving coffee, tea, and light meals. Nowadays, this origin concept has already been more narrow. It's been developed with many assorted meals. But, it's still okay so long as we could still enjoy the meal.

OK, let's get straight!
The one I visited was at Kelapa Gading Mall. The interior was really nice. There's many old photos hanged on the wall. At that time, it was so crowded, so my mother and me hardly found any available seat.

Here's what's on the table.

Tempe Goreng QQ - IDR 14 K
5 pieces Deep fried soybean cake served with chili sauce.

Tempe Goreng QQ
It's actually a simple one, but somehow I fell for it. The crisp was really superb and the chilly sauce was just a good companion.

Mie Ayam Pangsit - IDR 22 K
Chicken noodle with minced chicken and two fried wonton.

Horfun Kepiting - IDR 28 K
It's kind of large kuey teow with minced crab meat, eggs, fish balls, and shrimps served in a hot pot.

Mie Ayam Pangsit - Horfun Kepiting
For me, the noodle was just so-so. It tasted a bit too sweet and a bit more like Indomie. Otherwise, the horfun was delightful. but, the seafood toppings made this a bit too fishy. It's totally recommended as it's one of their best meal.

Teh Tarik Peng - IDR 17 K
Jus Kedondong - IDR 20 K

Jus Kedondong - Teh Tarik Peng
As I'm a tea lover so I'd be into this kind of Teh Tarik. It's less sweet and still tasted so original. It's more than just a tea with milk. Personally, I didn't like jus kedondong at all. My mom ordered this. It was very sour, but healthy.

Overall, it's good to dine here. The service was warm and hospitable. I also found the price here was really really affordable and worth spending. If you're looking for some place for breakfast, light meals, or even just chilling with your friend, it's supposed to be on your list.

Remember, don't skip breakfast!

I hope you enjoy what I enjoyed,



QQ Kopitiam
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, GF
Jakarta Utara