A healthy chicken that tastes as good as it looks.

Hello, it's time for another healthy yet delicious chicken in town. It's Kenny Rogers Roasters! Here, at Kenny Rogers Roaster, we could get their famous roasted chicken which is their signature dishes. The chicken's marinated in citrus, herb, and spices. then, it slowly roasted into fire and make the fat drips away while all the roasted flavor is sealed right in. This is one healthy chicken which tastes as good as it looks.

Frankly, I've already known this place for so long. I usually look at people having their big chicken meal, when I was hanging around at some malls. Those reddish look resto just attracted me and my friends to get there. For your info, the red color in any resto has a psychological meaning. It would boost up our hunger and appetite, believe it or not. No wonder why many resto use red color as their main color, like mcd, kfc, burger king, etc.

and this was my first time here to enjoy what they called the "DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY"

OK, this is what was on my table.

Kenny's Quarter Meal - IDR 49 k
Roasted 1/4 chicken with 3 side dishes and 1 Kenny's home made muffin.

Kenny's Quarter Meal
Fresh Fuits

Kenny's Chicken and Garden Meal - IDR 52 k
Kenny's 1/4 chicken with aromatic rice, classic garden salad and Kenny's home made muffin.

Kenny's Chicken and Garden Meal
Kenny's Garden Salad
Kenny's Home-Made Muffin
First came was the muffin. They got two variant, vanilla and banana, then we picked vanilla. I didn't quite understand why they served the muffin as a starter because it would make our belly full before getting the main meal.
Then, we just ate it. Mmmm, it's really soft and tasted nice. I really couldn't stop chewing this due to the big hunger, but I gotta stop remembering the main meal was about to be served

Now, let's get straight to the main meal. It's actually looked really big when I first saw the chicken in the menu. For me, the chicken was not as big as in the menu book, but it still looked really mouth-watering.

We could get the chicken breast or thigh and get it with Kenny's original sauce or black pepper sauce. The chicken itself was so juicy and tempting with their original sauce. But, I found there's some part of the chicken that's plain without seasoning (actually the inside part of the breast). It proved that the seasoning wasn't spread to the whole chicken. But it did make me full.

For the side dishes, there were many assorted choices range from aromatic rice, mac & cheese, mashed potato, coleslaw, baked beans, and many more.

We'd go for mac and cheese, mashed potato, white rice (at that time, the aromatic rice was sold out), fruits, and garden salad. For me, the most superb among all of them was the mac and cheese, it tasted so cheesy and not too much. Both the salad and mashed potato was just nice, for me. It's also disappointing to know the aromatic rice was sold out, it supposed to be great.

To sum it up, the meals comes in a quite big portion with a rich and original taste. The service here was good, warm, and really hospitable. And, i found the price here was really affordable for a student like me and a big worth spending for the empty belly :D Overall, I admit that dining here was more than just satisfying, it was superb!

I wish you'd enjoy what I enjoyed


high school mates (from left to right) Andre - Paulus - Me - Adel - Yovani - Vania (the one who took this pict)

AVERAGE SPENDING - IDR 60 K  and  above


Kenny Rogers Roasters
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