The last venue we visited that day was PIA Apple Pie. As we could see from the name, they got a speciality in apple pie. This apple pie was so famous and one of those many Bogor's Icon.

Not only apple pie, they also got chicken pie and many other pie with a different fillings such as strawberry, beef, raisin, pie crust, etc. They also had many variations of good meals.

You not only could take away the pie, but also dine-in at their place. The places were really small and a bit too dark when the night came.

The Pie is available in three size: small, medium, and large. 
We chose to dine-in and got the medium one with apple jam filling. It could be for 3-4 person.

Apple Pie

It tasted nice. The pie's dough was really good and smooth. But, the filling was a bit to sweet and it would be better if there's apple-cuts in it.

PIA apple pie got  a second line or store called "Black Pie". Black Pie got more variations of sweet and chocolate pie.

I got one black chocolate pie to take-away. It contained rum and really nice chocolate. It was really splendid and really a must-try!

Overall, both of them was really good. PIA apple price range was about 9.000 - 82.000. It's such a good place to visit and buy the pie as a gift for family and relatives :) 


PIA Apple Pie
Jalan Pangrango  No. 10

 *photos credit: @adeliasryn, (mochily.multiply.com)


Firda Septiani Nauli said...

aaaa bikin ngiler :3

James Hezekiah said...

hihihii, cobain makannya haha. nanti kapan2 kita makan yak haha. jangan makan di kutek molo, bisa cacingan -_-

laavsh said...

aaa this is my TOP DESTINATION on bogor and also my familiy's favorite :)you should have tried their poffertjes !!!

btw hi ini pacarnya sukiiii :3
si duruh dia ikutan giveaway nya heheh .
nice to know you !

laavsh said...

aaa followed via email and gfc : bibiana dellavie !

James Hezekiah said...

hai bibiana, thanks for joining and the suggestions. gonna try it later.

AnakJajan said...

selain apple pie, chicken pienya not bad boleh dicoba :D

James Hezekiah said...

wah, iyah tadinya mau nyobain chicken pie tapi udah kenyang. thanks buat rekomendasinya anak jajan :D