Still in Bogor, I found a great restaurant, right in front of PIA Apple Pie, it's called Kedai Kita. I thought the name was so bizarre. But, the fact showed that they got so many visitors so I decided to try this one.

I went there with my high school buddies (Adel, Maggy, Paulus, Andre, and Vania)

(from left ro right) Andre, Vania, James, Paulus, Maggy, Adel 

Kedai Kita served indonesian food, chinese food, and international cuisines. They got speciality in roasted pizzas. Sounds weird? yes. we're gonna reveal it soon!

First came was Fried Dumpling. I was not intending to get this, at first. But, this fried dumpling was put in their chef's-recommendtation list, so I decided to get one.

Kedai Kita's Fried Dumpling

It absolutely just look like an ordinary. Shockingly, it tasted really great. It's so crunchy and delicious. It almost defeated Bakmi GM's Fried Dumpling (Still the best). No wonder why they put this meals on their chef's recommendation.

Second came was Hotplate Noodle with Black Pepper Beef and Hotplate Noodle with Black Pepper Neat's Tongue. It's also another their speciality.

Hotplate Noodle with Black Pepper Beef

Hot Plate Noodle with Black Pepper Neat's Tongue
Both of them looked really mouth-watering. Frankly, both of them also got a splendid taste. Everything mixed well together and came into a great satisfaction! This was not that ordinary hotplate, really nice. It's a MUST-TRY!

Third came was Seafood Ifumie. 

Seafood Ifumie

Seafood Ifumie
This one was out of my expectation. Their Ifumie was like no other. The noodle wasn't crunchy (like the one I used to know). It served with seafood toppings and half-boiled egg. It tasted great!

Last came was Margarita Roasted Pizza. It was one of their 'icon'.

what makes this different was this pizza wasn't made in the often, but roasted with fire. This made this pizza tasted so glorious. The pizza came in six pieces. The bread, cheese, meat, and other toppings was just excellent!
If you're a pizza lover, there's no regret at all to try this one!!

It was a great moment to spend in Kedai Kita. I found the price here was so so affordable and really worth spending. The cool weather, nice foods, nice buddies, and nice place just made my day brighter :) 

i used to be called as 'gajah' and i was wearing an elephant tee :')

Kedai Kita
Jalan Pangrango No. 21

*photos credit : @adeliasryn


ARIO ACHDA said...

why would they name their resto in Bahasa when their specialty is pizza? LOL. but i found it really awesome and as u said - mouth watering -. do they have any branch in jakarta ? sounds like a very place to relax with good companies.

James Hezekiah said...

Yep, agree with you. At first, their name made me hesitate to try.
mmm.. as far as i know, it's only available in bogor, but you should tr this one!

anyway, thanks for visiting ario :)