All of you must have already known about this resto, called Nanny's Pavillon. I know it's kinda last-year to review this one, but it's better late than never, yeay!

 (source : www.nannyspavillon.com)

First established in 2009, Nanny's Pavillon open their first place in Bandung. The concept of Nanny's Pavillon itself came from their family tradition. The owner's family often holds a family gathering every two months. Each family member brings their favorite recipe and the recipe will be prepared by their nanny. The owner would like to share those happiness to everyone by establishing Nanny's Pavillon. The tradition of french american family is followed by Nanny's Pavillon, therefore the routine reflects on warmth and intimate ambiance. We could see this from their motto 

"When you're here, you're a family."
Every branch of Nanny's Pavillon got a different theme, such as
Nanny's Pavillon Garden (Bandung),
Nanny's Pavillon Living Room (Citiwalk Sudirman),
Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom (Pacific Place),
Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room (Gandaria City),
Nanny's Pavillon Terrace (Central Park),
and Nanny's Pavillon Barn (Flavor Bliss).

They got many kind of dishes like assorted pancakes, waffle, pasta, sandwich, baked rice, and many more. All the menu comes with a unique name which is inspired by the name of nanny's family member.

(source : nannyspavillon.com)

(source : nannyspavillon.com)

(source : nannyspavillon.com)

Okay, let's get started to the dazzling dishes!

The first one was Beef Baked Rice (37k).

Beef Baked Rice

The baked rice was served with beef meatballs, brown sauce (tasted a bit like bolognaise), and melted cheese. At first, it looked like the dish wouldn't be satisfying, but it's totally a mistake. Everything here was just great and melted cheese was the hero of the meal, I guess.

Second came was Blueberry Roll Pancake (29k).

Blueberry Roll Pancake
The pancake was served in a unique way, yes, rolled pancake. It's my first time to get a pancake like this. The rolled pancake got cream cheese fillings, poured with nanny's special blueberry sauce and a single scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pancake was really good, the salty cream cheese, sweet ice cream, and sour blueberry made this meal rich in taste. I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE! no exaggerate, one of the best pancake I ever got. 

The next one, still pancake dishes, was Apple Pancake (26k).

Apple Pancake with Maple Syrup

Pour the syrup!
It's a single filled apple pancake with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. There's nothing extraordinary with this apple pancake, but it tasted great! For me, it's simply awesome. A great meal could be the simplest one too.

Fourth came was Banana Maple Cream Sauce Waffle (29k).

Banana Maple Cream Sauce Waffle
The waffle was served with sliced banana, chocolate sauce, brown sugar, maple syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and almonds. It looked like there were so many toppings here. For me, it tasted nice, but a bit too much. It's worth trying for banana and sweets lovers!

The last one was Black Crunchy Caramel Waffle (26k).

Black Crunchy Caramel Waffle
The waffle was served with caramel sauce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and cookies crumbs. It's really great and not too much. Unfortunately, I found the cookies was not crunchy enough, but it's okay! it's simply nice!

For the drinks, we got Nanny's Mango Cocktail (40k).

Nanny's Mango Cocktail
It's a good one for sharing, as we could see the price was worth having. Then, It's really refreshing and full of fruits. You could go with mango or blueberry syrup for this fruit cocktail. I prefer mango, yes, mango!

Overall, It's a wonderful time to dine in Nanny's Pavillon. Unique places, nice foods, warm service, good friends, and good talks just made my day. If you're looking for a great pleasure with affordable price, this one's undoubtedly must be on your list!



Nanny's Pavillon:  Bathroom
Pacific Place

*all the pictures are mine,otherwise if it is stated.


Anonymous said...

@nianiaa jameeeess, baked ricenya enak yaaa haha, have you tried their pastas?the one with chicken katsu and melted cheese on it is really good!hehe :)

James Hezekiah said...

iyaa, haven't tried that one yet. because i don't like pasta that much hehe.
Anyway, thanks Nia for the recommendation. I'll take it as a consideration later.

Khrisna said...

Sure, beef baked rice is my favo! :D

James Hezekiah said...

yep, it's simply delightful *nyam