Recently, I just tried the old resto called Chosptix. Chopstix is a semi fast food restaurant which serves asian menu. . Established in 2001, Chopstix has got awards as Best Modern Asian Resto from Jakarta Java Kini and as Best Noodle Bar from Jakarta Magazine. Chopstix has seven outlet spreads out in Jakarta.

Their specialities are indo-chinese meals like fried rice, fried noodle/udon, kuey teow, spring roll (At that time, I didnt know that this one was their most-wanted)  and many more.

First came was Asian Fried Rice.

Asian Fried Rice

 It might look like just an ordinary, but it's way far different from those nasi goreng tek-tek. This one was really tempting and very chinese. That sunny side up egg made this meal feel really homey.

I tried three kuey teow dishes here. I found there's something different with the kuey teow. It was different with the one i used to get at hayam wuruk or another kuey teow resto. Its shape was thin, wide, and sliced into pieces (not like noodle).
Black Pepper Beef Kuew Teow

The first one was Black Pepper Beef Kuey Teow. It looked really mouth-watering. It might be just like another black pepper dishes but I fell for this one. But, it tasted a bit spicy and hot. You'd get your throat hot after getting this one. If you don't like spicy dishes, I guess this one's not the proper one for you.

After that, Beef Kuey Teow (frankly, i do really forget the name).

Beef Kuey Teow

 This one was just same with the previous one without black pepper. It tasted very luscious and yummy. This one was more proper for you who don't like spicy dishes.

After that, Sepangchar Kuew Teow (If i'm not mistaken).

Sepangchar Kuey Teow

It looked quite pale. Actually, It tasted really great. The kuey teow was a bit different with the one i used to get. This one was a wide, thin, and not like noodle. This Kuey Teow had no meat, but fish cake, bean sprouts, and seafood.

Overall, dining here was very nice. It's really proper for lunh time. I really fell for the interior of the outlet which in Gandaria City. It was so cool and awesome. The services was quiet good. You'll find great foods with an affordable price. If you're a kuey teow lovers, it's a must-try!


Gandaria City

price range  30.000 - 50.000


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