Are you hungry and craving for excitement? You'd better go to Iniko Toys Cafe. You'll never guess that it's a cafe. Frankly, It more looks like a storage of toys than a cafe.

You'll find a giant gundam robot stands in front of the entrance door. What make this cafe unique is you can play with all those toys while you enjoy your meal. Those toys are just not such a figure, you can play with that. Isn't it cool?For me, yes it is. But, you can't play with all of them, unless you got the vip member to access all of those cool toys.

A Giant Gundam Figure

It's the toy storage

It's the first toy I played with. The game is about throwing acone to the hole which has the same color as muxh as you can. It sounds simple, but really exciting.

Balance Pizza

In this game, you have to put those pizza's toppings to the pizza, and keep it balance. If you make it falling down, so you're the loser.

You have to make it like this!

The next game I played was very hilarious. All the players are wearing a headband with picture. The player has to guess what picture is on their head by getting a one-word clues from the other players.

After that, there's a monkey-tree games. There's a tree with a lot of sticks where many monkeys are hanging there. You have to pick the stick as much as you can without making the monkeys falling down. The one who got the less monkey is the winner.

I tried three meals here. All of them were a chicken dishes. They just tasted so-so, but nice. The chickens were so well-cooked and mouth-watering.

Chicken  Sausage with Sweet and Sour Dip

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Doraemon Chicken

I really enjoy dining here, especially the toys. They rock! There are so many other cool toys and games that I didnt try, like Play Station 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, etc. I wish I could try all of them some day later.It's a place where I can find fun and delicious things. The price here is not worth for their food, but for their fantastic toys. I really want to have their VIP member, so that I can try all of those cool toys. I adore the interior design, It is absolutely tremendous! If you're looking for nice foods and fun things, Iniko is a right place for you!


Iniko Toys Cafe
Jalan Gunawarman No. 11A
Jakarta Selatan


putche. said...

GAAAH this is a really important post! I've always wanted to go there and you make me want it more! :D

*dan ada kampung sama erli juga huuu :')

James Hezekiah said...

hihi ini udah lamaaaa sebenernya hehe.

ayo ayo harus dicoba banget nih. makanannya sih ya lumayan. mainannya seru abis :0