Every of you must have already known this super cool place, Kitchenette Restaurant & Creperie. It's the newest concept restaurant from Ismaya Group which located in GF of Plaza Indonesia. It's not easy to dine here, you must be on the waiting list or you're the lucky one to dine in here freely. Fortunately, I could dine here without being on the waiting list.

The concept of Kitchenette itself is to present you an experience of dining in the kitchen with your friends and family. Dining here will make you feel like dining in your own kitchen or your friend's. It also make you recall your best childhood memory when you spend a lot of time with your parents in the kitchen.

The interior is fully designed with kitchen cupboard, kitchen tools, and all the classic kitchen-mess that you'll find in your kitchen.

Their menu is also adorable. I do really like it, simple but catchy.

Kitchenette Restaurant & Creperie got a lot of menu selection like Galletes, Crepes, Salad, and many more. One of their speciality is the Creperie. It's made lively in the open-kitchen there.

I got two meals here, the first one is their savoury galletes. It's made-to-order in front of you and habdcrafted with organic buckwheat flour, natural ingredients, and a dash of love.

Edouard Gallete

It's super delicious! It's my very first time to try Galletes and I really loved it. It's the one with chesse and pork/turkey ham. Pick your own favorite! ABSOLUTELY A MUST-TRY!

The next one is Turkey Mac And Cheese. Sounds very common? Yes, but you gotta try it first and get surprised how extraordinary it is! The turkey ham was so yummy. It's such a perfect combination.

Mac and Cheese with Turkey Bacon

For the drinks, I got Frozen Green Tea and Little Amelie's Old-Fashioned Lemonade. I'm truely green-tea lovers, so every time I dine in a new place I always got green tea for the drinks. I was so satisfied with ther green tea, perfectly unique, like no other. The Lemonade was very unique in looks and so damn refreshing.

What a uniqe experience I got here. Not only the atmosphere, but also the food are both fantastic! I found the price's here quiet expensive but really really worth spending! For all of you who get bored with those common restos, just go here, feel the kitchen atmosphere and pick your own favorite menu!


Kitchenette Restaurant & Creperie
Plaza Indonesia, Ground Floor

*All the pictures here were taken and got touched up by @adeliasryn


putche. said...

Kitchenette is almost perfect, right? *it would be perfect if they would cut the price a little bit, but nonetheless, it's really good

And i love green tea, too!

James Hezekiah said...

Super agree! The price's not suitable for a student like us.

Really? You should try Ministry of Food at PI. they got the best green tea.