Bakerzin is often being talked by everyone nowadays. Bakerzin is famous for their dazzling cakes, desserts, and macaroons. Not only those sweet delights, They also got sandwiches, pastas, bruschettas, pizzas, soups and many more.

The first one I tried was their macaroons. Macaroon is so hapenning nowadayas, everybody's talking about this food as we recently could see it on the Masterchef Australia shows.

The looks of macaroon itself is more like a mini-cracker-burger with a jam between them. I tried mango macaroon, raspberry macaroon, and chocolate macaroon. All those macaroon was very lip-smacking. For me, it was insanely addictive. My favorite one is green tea macaroon, but at that time it was sold out.

Raspberry Macaroon, Mango Macaroon, Choco Macaroon

Totally a Lip-Smacking!

The next one was Vanilla Creme Brulee. I'm also a creme brulee lovers. Every time I dine in a new place, I always got creme brulee for the dessert (if the price fits with my pocket). This one was a big portion of creme brulee. I was shocked by its size when it was first served. It looked very nice, the creme brulee was sugar coated and there's a strawberyy on the top. The taste was very strong and blissful. It's not the best one I ever got but it was a good one.

Vanilla Creme Brulee
After that, as Bakerzin also well-known fot their souffle, I got a Bailey's Irish Cream Souffle. It was so lovely with that vanilla syrup. Surprisingly, It didn't taste good like its looks. For me, the souffle is cooke-well, but it was a bit flavorless and flat. I was quite disappointed with this one. I thought that it should got a stronger tastes.

Baileys Irish Cream Souffle

The last one I got was a Warm Chocolate Cake. This one was extraordinary. It looked very mouth-watering with a raspberry syrup poured around and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top. It tasted very luscious.  The ice cream, cakes, and syrup was such a perfect match. I liked the sensation when the chocolate was melting in the mouth. For me, this meal is the best one I got.

Warm Chocolate Cake
It's melt in the mouth!
It was great to dine here. All the desserts were so fantastic. I'm so eager to try their main course someday. The price here was not that cheap for a dessert, but it's absolutely a worth spending. If you're looking for something sweet and blissful, Bakerzin is a perfect one for you!

Adelia and Jerry

Jerry and James

James James 


Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Jakarta Utara

*All the pictures here were taken and edited by @adeliasryn


angie aja said...

imma saying, ur blog is simply awesomeee... gue suka the layout and stuffs.. trus kyknya recommendations nya patut dicoba nih.. hehehe..

sorry ya baru visit blog lo, i didnt know it was u :p

well, keep up the good work here james :)

James Hezekiah said...

it's okay, thank you kak angie :)