HAI, I'd like to tell you about my birthday. It was right two days after Andre's. My friends had a surprise for me, but I had already known it before. I read Adel's text message to my other friend when we're on the way home after my first-trial fitness at crowne hotel.

Ya, I'm so glad to have friends like them. Even I was not that surprised, but I dedicated a big thanks to all of my friends. Thanks Thanks!

I got cake! I blewed the candles! Sang a happy birthday song! Slice the cakes!

It was Dapur Cokelat's chocolate cake. I forgot its name. It tasted just so-so, but not bad. There's a sentence written on the cake, "Happy Birthday, Gajah!" Yeah, I used to be called as gajah, because some people think that I'm as big as an elephant.

My mom got us several pan of pizzas from phd amd brownies  from bandung. We enjoyed eating them together. But, we're all still hungry so I asked my parents to treat all of them.

I chose Penang Bistro. It's one of my favorite restaurant. I wasn't prepared to eat there, We decided to dine here on the way, so I just dressed up with tee, short, and slippers. I thought I got the poor looks at that time, I guess.

Mmmm, I picked a package menu there, because the price's much cheaper. And I also ordered my favorite one which's not in the package.

My first favorite at Penang Bistro is Mango Chicken. It's really really delicious. One of the best chicken dish I ever tried. It tastes sweet and the mango brings some sour tastes.

Since It's a malaysian resto, so Roti Canai is a must-order menu. There's the one with chicken curry and there's also Roti Canai with beef curry. Both of them taste so so indigineous. It's really the best Roti Canai I ever tried.  Super recommended!

The next one is Fried Gropper Fish in Hongkong Sauce. It's incredibly mouth-watering. Can't describe it anymore, you guys should try it by yourself!

There's also a Roasted Duck. The hero of this meal is the sauce. What a perfect match! It's not like an ordinary sweet duck sauce. It's more like a swet-and-sour-spicy sauce. I found it very unique and delicious.

This one's also my favorite, called sotong or what, I forgot. It's kinda a fried-sliced-squid in a sweet sauce. It's insanely addictive! It's perfect to eat it with rice.

I'm not that into shrimp, but it's already in the package menu so i just enjoyed it. Surprisingly, The Shrimp with Salty Egg ( Oh I don't know what its name in english) is very very satisfying. The shrimp's very fresh and crunchy, perfect!

Last but not least, I got Baby Kailan with Beef. It looks bad, but tastes like no other.

For the dessert, I got Es Merah Delima, Durian with Cendol, and Es Kacang Merah. My favorite one is the durian thingy, but the others also good enough.

It's a pleasure to dine here. I really adore their interior design, very very cool. The waiters are so hospitable and kind. I got surprised to know that it's one of Indonesia's Top Restaurant. Penang Bistro often got an award from any events. The prices here are not that cheap, but worth eating!
I'd like to dedicate an endless thanks to God and to my friends, thanks thanks!


Penang Bistro
Oakwood Building, Kuningan

*All the pictures here were taken and edited by @adeliasryn