ALOHA ! long time no post.
I'm gonna tell you about one of my bestfriend's birthday.

His birthday was on the 26th of June. That Sunday, Adel, Vania (His forever-girlfriend), Stefanno, Paulus, David, and me went to his house. Nobody was home, except his maid. We got into his house, took a seat for a while and enjoyed some mayora snacks. At that time, He was at church with his beloved family.

Just a few moments before he got home, We had gone to the neighborhood beside his house. We enjoyed playing fireworks until he turned up at his home.

We got 9 cupcakes from Cake-A-Wish for him. It had no any special meaning in the number of the cakes - nine. Those were all the ready-to-served cake at the time we bought it. Those all cake looked really nice. I was so eager to taste how it tasted like, seemed to be great.

After getting prepared,  We directly went to his house again, presented the cakes, sang a happy birthday song, said a birthday greetings and shared the happiness with him and his family.

Then, We ate the cakes! It's the moment I had been waiting for. Unfortunately, The cake was so poor. It tasted like a sponge cake, I was so disapponted, since I didn't know what does a good-cupcakes taste like. I'm not a cupcakes lover and I haven't found any super delicious cupcakes in town. Those all cupcakes just look cute but tasteless. I'm looking forward to trying the super one!

I was so glad to know that He was gonna treat us. Yeay, free dining!
We went around Sabang street, looking for a place to dine. First, We went to Hongkong Cafe, but it already closed for order, so miserable.

After waliking around, we found a cool resto called Warung Ngalam. Sounds weird? Yes, It was! It's not a super fine-dining resto, but it looked awesome. Ngalam here was originated from Malang, which is written backward. Warung Ngalam is famous for its ribS and another javanes meals.

So, I tried the Ribs with Soup, I forgot its name. The broth tasted super, one of the best I've tried. I found the meat's so well-done.

Here's their special menu, 'Iga Goreng'. Surprisingly, It was not like i thought before, a deep-fried ribs. The ribs was served with a lot of soy sauce, so it tasted a bit sweet. There's no doubt this meal's so famous, yeah It was splendid!

They also serve 'Mie Ungu'. The noodle's color was purple, isn't it cool? It was a superb combination chicken noodle. I liked it so much!

It's a great experience to dine in this unique places. The price here is quite cheap, affordable for all of you, event a student like me.

Super thanks to Andre Hernando. He's a very-chinese guy with a passion for money, money, and money. It's kinda late, but I wanna say one more 'Happy Birthday!'


Warung Ngalam
Jalan Wahid Hasyim

Cake A Wish
Grand Indonesia, Lower Ground Floor

*All the pictures were taken and edited by @adeliasryn