Today, I did sort of a culinary trip. I got to four restaurants around Jl. Wijaya. The first one  was an authentic japanese restaurant, Torigen.

I really fell for the interior design here which was so japan. There wereseveral japan's history poster sticked on the wall.

Torigen got many selections of food, from salad, yakitori. sushi, sashimi, nabe, to ryoori. 

Their speciality were ramen and do-it-yourself takoyaki. So I picked Chanko Miso Ramen and Takoyaki. For the drink, I had a hot ocha. It was given as a free compliment.

It's my first time to create my own takoyaki, what a unique experience that i couldn't found in another restaurant. 

The stove was prepared on the table. 

First, the dough was poured into the stove. 

Then the ingredients, like octopus, bread crumb, celery, etc, was put into it. 

I really liked to make the dough round. In fact, it's not as hard as i thought before. Even I know I was not good at it.

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After getting it done, I picked the takoyaki to my plate and put the sauce, mayo, parsley, and fish skin by myself.

Finally, I ate my own takoyaki! it's heavenly delightful.

Chanko Miso Ramen really looked nice. It's so tasty and delicious. There's a nori, egg, seafood in it. It just made me want more more and more.

I found the price here was affordable for everyone. Even you're a student or teenager, it's a perfect place for you to dine in.

For me, Dining at Torigen was such a unique experience. It's the only place i know, so far, where i can create my own takoyaki and put my favorite toppings. The waiters were really nice and very hospitable. It makes me feel like a prince. I hope to visit Torigen again soon and try another delightful dishes.

PRICE (8.5)

Torigen Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Wijaya I No. 53
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan