Today, 23rd of April 2011, my journey to the 1001th begins !

The first dining place I visited was The Apartment.

The atmosphere here was really nice, it just made me feel like in my own.
As a usual apartment the spaces here are divided into several sections, such as living room, bath room, pantry, and kitchen. 

Bed Room (source : google.com)

To dine in the bed room, the minimum purchase must be at least IDR 1000k.

Bathroom (source : google.com)

Kitchen and Pantry (source : google.com)

Library (source : google.com)

At first, I wondered why the waiter gave me a news paper. Actually, it was their menu which looked like a news paper. I fell for this one, simply beautiful.

The Menu
The Menu 2
The Menu 3

For the meals, Me and my friends got Black Long Dog, Black Burger, and Chicken Calzone for the main course and Fillalatela Mocktail for the drink. These were several of their special dishes.

Black Burger

Black Long Dog

As its name "Black", both the burger and hot dog were truly black. The bun and hot dog bread here was made of kluwak, one of the ingredients that we can found in rawon soup. Personally, the sausage here was just so-so, but the cheese and mayo were both the hero of the meal.


I could find many topping inside, like mozzarella cheese chicken breast and many more. I really fell for the puff here, so crunchy and tempting.

Fillalatela Mocktail

Fillalatela contains various kind of berries. It tastes really fresh!

Besides that, The Apartment also got many selections of alcoholic drink. As 

The price here was quite pricey. The price wasn't worth having for the food, but for the place and comfort.

To sum it up, I really enjoy dining in this place. what a great experience to dine in this unique place. I'm looking forward to dining here again someday.

Me and My Meal

PRICE        : 7
SERVICE  : 8.5

The Apartment

Menara Gracia, Ground Fl.

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav. C-17 Jakarta 

Tel: (62 21) 5200 380 

Cuisine : European, Italian



okky oktaviani said...

Gila Jamesss gw harus coba! hahaha i always thought that, a place to eat where you can just relax and laying around on the comfortable bed would be nice. hahaha thanks for posting this.

James Hezekiah said...

Yes, okky you should really try this one. Nice food and place. Such a remarkable experience.

Khrisna said...

I like the concept, but looks like the price isn't for students, rather for young executives..

James Hezekiah said...

at first, i was shocked by its price, as i was still a high school student at that time. i think they got us a value for experience and comfort, not the food.