So many people here have a big appetite for japanese food. Nowadays, ramen is still on the high sky, while sushi still got their own lovers.

Recently, Ismaya Group, the most well-known group who never stopped creating cool stuffs in our town, just start up a unique japanese restaurant. They name it, Tokyo Belly.

Located in Grand Indonesia, Tokyo Belly's ready to fulfill your belly's with plenty japanese delights. They got many selection of japanese food from sushi, ramen, omurice, japanese hot dogs, until the sweet ending. The one thing i found unique here is the J-Dogs which stands for japanese hot dogs, we'll find it out later.

Thankfully, I could dine here easily. I mean there's no need to be on the waiting list or something. As I came to this place, I was spoiled with a modern japanese ambience. There's a sun painting in front of the entrance and I could see their mascot, a cat? I also still don't get why they use cat as their mascot (gonna find it out later) The place here was not too "wow" like other ismaya outlet, but it's still a good one

After surfing through their menu, here they are, plenty delights on my table. enjoy!

Fried Ramen with Salmon (IDR 58k)
Like no other ramen that I used to eat, this one was a dry version of ramen. It served with salmon and fried salmon skin. At first, it might look just so-so. Actually, it wasn't disapointing. As one of their recommendation menu, this dry ramen tasted more than just OK, even it's too oily. I liked the texture, the noodle, the fried thingy there, except the portion, lol.

Tokyo Belly Classic (IDR 48k)
A classic chicken broth ramen with half-boiled eggs, chicken slices, and seaweed. Here, I found a simple and delicious taste. The broth was nice, but I expected something stronger. For me, the hero of the meal was the chicken slices. I just liked it. I might go for the dry ramen rather than this one.

Curry J-Dog (IDR 38k)
Here it is, the japanese hot dog. As you can see from the pict, it's not that different to the usual hot dogs, except the toppings. From various toppings available, my choice was the curry one. Surprisingly, the curry here wasn't as I great as I expected. Besides that, I loved the sausage and the salad. Worth trying? Of course, yes!

Omurice with Assorted Mushroom (IDR 48k)
Omurice with Salmon Roe (IDR 58k)
 Two things which can describe what omurice really is, are rice and omelette. Undoubtedly, the omurice here was stunning. The omelette here was thick and creamy. Mmm, It's such a tempting one. For the toppings itself, I tried assorted mushrooms and salmon. I loved the mushroom sauce, which was tasty and strong. Everything was such a great package. With a pale looks, the salmon omurice was also a good choice. The salmon was fresh and not fishy. Overall, I prefer the mushroom to the salmon one. Totally recommended!

Sakura Sakura (IDR 30k)Flower Syrup, pineapple juice, fresh lemonade, and passion fruit.

Mango Belly's Parfait (IDR 35k)

Corn flakes on the bottom, vanilla ice cream, mango slices, and cherry.

This one was a really nice sweet ending with a good portion. It can be shared with about two people. Corn flakes and mango slices were both the star here. There's also another topping like tiramisu, strawberry, and many more.

Overall, dining here was superb! Average of the food here were nice, even it's still their soft opening menu. Even the place wasn't as spectacular as other ismaya outlets, it's still a comfortable one. For the price, I found it would be affordable for everyone. Another good thing came from the service. I did really appreciate when the waiter asked me how the food taste like. Then, My and my friend answered it directly. If you're that curious with this newest Ismaya outlet, just go visit it, then tell me what you think!


FOOD - 8

Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia, Fl. 3A
West Mall


putri soe said...

Ih padahal tadi ke GI ngeliat tapi gak masuk! Ternyata oke yah. Thanks for sharing once again, James! Would try it soon!

cheers from Jakarta,
Putri Soe

Cend Woo said...

what a petite portion of fried ramen. haven't tried this oneee..omurice nya looks delicious!

James Hezekiah said...

@putrisoe yes, you should try this kak putchee hehe. it's worth trying. just tell me what you think, after trying this :D

@cendwoo agree with you. it also tastes good loh, the omurice is so recommended.