"I don't cook with recipes, I cook with my tongue and belly."
Here's the cooking theatre show of Chris Salans, the chef owner of Mozaic Group Bali. Chef Salans an Mozaic have received numerous awards and accolades in the last few years, including features in the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and a place amongst the best in the world with a listing in the 100 Best Restaurants in the world. 

At the cooking theatre show, He showed how an idea of good food was made. This person who married a javanese woman also presented four delightful dishes. Curious? Here they are!

Ginger Flower Soup with Seared Scallop
Firstly, I saw how he chopped the ginger in an incredible way. He's so much talented. Knowing how hard it was made, I appreciated this food much more than before. For me, this tasted really really good. The one-side seared salmon was heavenly delightful. I also found the cauliflower soup was a great companion. Two thumbs up for this.

Tempe Truffle Crumble with Wagyu Beef

As you can see on the pict, the crumble on the top was made of tempe. It's just kind of a unique and extraordinary way to enjoy tempe. Chef Salans just combined this tempe with a rather expensive ingredients, truffle and wagyu. I personally didn't like this quite much. It's just because the meat was too rare, for me. But, it might be good for rare-meat lovers.

Torch Ginger, Grilled Watermelon and Truffle
This one was another unique truffle dishes.  I haven't found something like this before. The watermelon was grilled. Yes, it's grilled. I did really love the taste. It's simply like no other.

Ginger Flower Sorbet with Fresh Strawberries and Lime Leaf
Again, I was amazed with him. This ice cream was made from flowers. Yes, it's a flower. It was just really refreshing. My tounge didn't use to this kind of tastes. But, it's still worth trying.

If you're that curious for these dishes, you may pay a visit to his resto in Bali. I'm guessing that this resto is kind of real fine dining, so the price might not be suitable for a student like me. Overall, It's such a pleasure to be at this cooking theatre show :)