HELLO! It's kinda late, but I'd like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Just two days before the christmas day, my friends and I were planning to get a little christmas dinner because we had no christmas euphoria at all. We didn't get any christmas holiday, except the d-day of christmas which was on sunday. Sadly, there were so many of us who couldn't make it due to many things.

We were looking for a proper place for this. Then, we decided to have a supper at this good-looking place called Barra Di Cafe.

They got Barra's Pizza, Barra's Risotto, Barra's Baked Rice, Barra's Pasta, Barra's Omelette, Fried Rice, and Barra's lights.

The first one was Moo Loco Baked Rice. It looked really nice.

Moo Loco Baked Rice

The rice was covered by mozarella cheese, smoked beef, paprika, and onion. Mmmm, It tasted really good! For me, the cheese was the hero of the meal, superb!

Another meal we got was, Barra's Fried Rice!
It absolutely just looked like another fried rice, or the common one we often called as "tek-tek".
Barra's Fried Rice

Barra's Fried Rice

But, don't  judge foods by its looks. Frankly, it was not that special but good enough, I guess. As you all know it's an italian resto so this one was not their pledge.

After that, we got Barra's Pasta. As it was an italian resto they should got a perfect pastas, let we see!

Barra's  Bolognaise

Barra's Bolognaise

Yep, It's Barra's Bolognaise! It was really toothsome. But still not the best one I ever got.

The last one was the simplest one, Barra's Moo Loco Omelette.

 Moo Loco Omelette
It served with fried potato wedges, and salad. There's smoked beef and cheese topping inside. I gotta tell you that it was not simple at all. It tasted really really luscious. It's one of the best omelette. Sometimes, the best thing could possibly come out from little things.

Barra Di Cafe is also famous for their pizzas and calzone, mmm gonna try this one someday!

Mmmm, overall dining here was really really enjoyful for me. The place was really nice and comfortable with those vintage wall and window look. I was quite disappointed with their variety of drinks. I think they should get something more 'rawr' on their drink list. The prices here was really affordable for all of you with much much much more delicious thing you'll got. SUPER RECOMMENDED :)

They're my college's friends. Not all of them 'really' celebrate christmas, just adel and me, but christmas is for everybody, yeay! Adel gave each of us santa's hat ( how kind is she) haha. She once said that christmas is all about sharing the good things to others.


Barra Di Cafe
Margo City, Ground Floor

*photos credit : @adeliasryn