HI food lovers, HAPPY EASTER! May God's revival brings hope to our life.
I'm sorry for the lack of post due to mid term test. And now, I'm about to tell you several pleasure during my last trip to Bali and around.

OK, let's get started. The first one is Flapjaks. Everyone who has ever been to Bali must know the one called Flapjaks. Flapjaks is a home of pancakes and home-made gelato. This pancake house is such a comfortable place with many kind of foods. Flapjaks got pancakes, pasta, salad, homemade italian gelato, waffles, sweet/savory crepes and many more.

Homemade Italian Gelato

At that time, Me and my buddies got two BIG MAN.

Very very great waffle crisps.

It's a big tall glass of homemade gelatos, waffles, and crackers. We got Mix Fruit Big Man (125k) and Big Man Java Chocolate Set (125k). For getting something fresh, sweet, and sour it's really good to pick Big Man Mix Fruit. Another one is Big Man Java Chocolate Set for chocolate lover. We could pick the gelato by ourselves. There are many choices such as orange, strawberry, mango, baileys, and many more.

I was really into the gelato, it's simply luscious. For me, The waffle was also the hero! it's really a must-try. It's a bit crunchy, yet smooth. It's one of the best waffle I ever got. Overall, both of them were really rich in taste, flavor and everything.

Dining here was such a splendid moment with friends. The price is really worth spending (no-regret guarantee). Wonderful foods, nice place, warm service, and good talk were such a pleasure.

That was it.

Hey, for your info, there would be a little contest. Let's join the happiness, spread the pleasure, and win the prizes. (sneak peak on the top right)
It starts really soon. Don't miss it, you'd better stay tuned!

Happy sunday and have a wonderful weekend.

Flapjaks: Home of Pancakes

Jalan Kartika Plaza
Kuta, Bali


okky oktaviani said...

aaaah jamessss. Gelato is the best! Write some review from Pisa Cafe, one of my fav spot to eat gelato! =)

James Hezekiah said...

wow, okay Pisa Cafe is coming soon!

monicadarmawan said...

omooooggoooshhhh it looks so bigggggggggg @monicadmwn