Hi food lovers ! I'd like to tell you more about my partner in traveling and food hunting.

She's a fat-and-soon-to-be-slim girl who thinks that she's beautiful. Many people call her as a cute, a pretty one.
Her charm dazzles every guy on earth to stop for a while and keep their eyes on her. It's easy for her to get in touch with new people. I really adore that thing because that's a bit hard for me to do it.

Fashion's one of her attribute. She has a good sense of fashion, even in fact that she's fat. She believes that to be fat is unique. I like her style, like no other.

For several times, She's tried to be on diet. 
To be fat is pretty, but to be slim is much more pretty.
Obviously, It came to a big zero. She losed her weight and gained on the next day. It may be her destiny to be fat and happy.

Her job is a traveler. She'd like to step on every continent all over the world. She likes taking pictures. She loves backpacking and bacpacker guy. She's ever been to three of the seven wonder of the world. The Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, and Candi Borobudur. Isn't it so damn cool? yes, it really is for me. Otherwise, I've never been to any other country, how miserable!

Once, we were eager to be the prom queen and prom king at the masquarade ball. In fact, we're not even nominated to be the candidates. So sad ;( Then, we got and idea to win the polling Food Lovers in the year book. Yes, we're nominated and we got it. We're both are Food Lovers. Is it embarassing? I found it's a bit. A couple of couch potato who like eating? hahah. We should have won a better one like, the cleverest, the coolest or something else. But, we're so happy to be a food lovers. 

We're not fat, We just love food.
We both attended SNMPTN last month. I wished to be a student of FSRD ITB, Visual Communication Major, but the fact's different. I got accepted at FIKOM UNPAD, communication major. She got accepted at FISIP UI, communication major. I'm so proud of ourself, especially herself. She taught me how to depend on GOD no matter what kind of circumstances we face. She taught me to pray a lot. Yes, Jesus is just a breathe away. Then, I tried to be the yellow jacket by attending SIMAK UI and happily i got accepted at FISIP UI, communication major too. Oh what a happy day! Endless thanks i dedicate to GOD.

Her name is Leonora Adelia Suryani. We got a future project called RUMAH GENDUT with her lovable sister , Erliana Sumali @byERLI ( soon-to-be a famous fashion designer) It's kind of a group like ISMAYA, you all guys must have known this one. I hope it will do come true.

It's just a little part of her, for more excitement go follow her blog and her twitter @adeliasrn She's awesome!!