"Food is a simple thing but I see God in every bite I taste in my mouth."
It's one of the sentences that pop out from Nobu Express' mascott, Kushon, a fat-sumo-like guy who think that age doesn't matter so long as you enjoy life. You'll find a picture of him, on the wall here. The place here is nice. It's not that fairy fancy kind of place, but rather a simple and comfy one.

Located in Kemang, Nobu Express got several japanese delights like onigiri, sushi, don buri, hot dog and pasta. Among all of them, their specialty are the famous Jap-Dog and Japanese Pasta. The Japanese Hot Dog here came in two different kind, katsu and grilled one. If you like something with a grilled aroma, you should choose Japdog BBQ Sauce (IDR 19K). Frankly, I prefer the katsu one,  Japdog Katsu Sauce (IDR 19K). It's more fusion and like no other. I just love to feel the crunchiness of the batter, the tender sausage meat, nori sprinkles, and the great hot dog bun in one bite.

Another masterpiece here came from the Japanese Pasta. They got two kind of Jap-Pasta, Wafu and Cream. Wafu is kind of pasta base which is made from soy sauce. For me, the wafu is sort of too dry and less tasty. Mmm, maybe it's just how wafu should taste like hehe, since I never tasted another wafu delights before. If you like something like no other, go for California Wafu (IDR 29K). It's simply a california-roll-like pasta. Absolutely worth trying! For the cream pasta, it's just like another pasta out there, but what makes it different is the topping they got. My choice is Chicken Katsu Cream (IDR 35K). I like the cream sauce here, it's served in a light way.

For the sweet ending, I'll go for Matcha Ice Cream, as it's a japanese restaurant!

To sum it up, I like dining here. For me, Nobu Express got a differentiation from the other japanese restaurants which mostly got sushi as their specialty. For the price, no doubt, it's very very affordable.
Will I come back to this place?Mmm, yes for the Jap-Dog!

Jap-Dog BBQ Sauce (IDR 19 K)

Chicken Katsu Cream (IDR 35 K)

Dori Wafu (IDR 3 K)
Matcha Ice Cream 


Nobu Express
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 9C
Jakarta Selatan


CQUEK said...

What beautiful plating! It looks like such a cute little place that you can settle right into.